Exhibition "MISTICOS"

"The mystics are more alive than ever." With this phrase, the Carmelite Father Miguel Márquez, head of the religious order in the Iberian Province, wanted to inaugurate this Friday the exhibition on Santa Teresa de Jesús and San Juan de la Cruz that houses the old church of Jesús de Caravaca.

This is an important exhibition that brings together well-known artists and that its curator, the gallery owner Nacho Ruiz, defined as "one of the exhibitions of the year in Spain."

'Mystics', the title of the show, "narrates," Ruiz pointed out, "one of the great stories of Caravaca, such as his connection to San Juan and Santa Teresa." It consists of around 70 pieces dated between the 16th century and the present day (the most recent, a large San Juan de la Cruz, was made a few weeks ago in the same Caravacan church by Santiago Ydáñez). There are works by José Ribera, Murillo, El Greco, Luis Morales, Salzillo, Tàpies, Chillida and Nico Munuera, among other creators, many of them anonymous.