10 most popular home styles: find your perfect home

When buying a new home, the main concern is what type of home you will have. Surely you’ve heard of the different styles of houses, but do you know exactly what they are? If the answer is no, don’t worry! Here we are going to show you the 10 most popular home styles that you are sure to want to have.

10 most popular home styles

We’ve researched hundreds of home styles and found the most popular. Here are the 10 most popular home styles for you. Without further ado, let’s check them out.

Contemporary style

This style is the most modern of all; it refers to the general conception of the constructions which are made today. Contemporary design is generally a straight line and always takes into account simplicity and ease. This is because the main thing is closeness to nature and empathy with the environment. For example, through windows, terraces and open spaces, it connects with nature outside.

In the contemporary style, you can have turnkey houses (case la cheie) or make them from stripes. In addition, the materials used for construction are durable and energy efficient.

Style or Mediterranean

This style is characterized by porches, balconies and open terraces that overlook large patios and gardens. Wood is an essential element for doors and windows, and it is common for figures such as pergolas to abound. Colorful ceramics are used in floors, benches and fountains. Mediterranean flair is frequently found in places like ranches and large fields. Above all, we are talking about the places where the outdoor space lends itself to showing style in all its glory.

Minimalist style

The term minimalist refers to any design stripped of all that is left. It is a design where the essential is the guideline of the designer. In these styles of house, the design is synthesized only to the essentials.

In the minimalist style, the buildings tend to be white. And the transparency of the glass makes the house shine in its total synthetic expression. This is the real meaning of this style.

Colonial style

In the colonial style, generally, the facades preserve the symmetry of the constructions of the churches of this time. Here, on either side of the main nave, you could see the towers with the bell tower.

In colonial houses, the colors of the facades are generally ocher tones. At the same time, hipped roofs covered with tiles complete the design. The windows are distributed on the facades almost symmetrically, like the volumes that compose it.

Chalet style

This design called cottages was the style of the houses of the European peasants of yesteryear. The name comes from the word cotters. This type of construction is characterized by the fact that it is a relatively small house built of wood or stone. It is associated with sloping roofs which make up a very particular design. They are generally built, in recreation areas, as a second home to spend the holidays.

Tudor style

This style originated in England; its sloping gabled roofs make it meaningful. The feature is used in places where the climate required it, such as heavy snowfall.


For those who cannot decide between styles of houses, one option may be to mix some styles. This mix makes for an eclectic house. However, while this is an interesting alternative, taking a bit of whatever you love and creating a very personalized and original project does require some care.

Just as it can be a house worth considering, there is also a risk of being an architectural aberration. If this is your option, you should consult and listen to your architect’s considerations.


Nordic architecture emerged in the Scandinavian region and, therefore, was also referred to as Scandinavian architecture. The style of Scandinavian houses appeared strongly around the twentieth century. And they were concentrated in countries like Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

The configuration of houses built from this type of architectural style is strongly influenced by the low temperatures of winters.

The style of Scandinavian houses reveals a gable roof, the use of wood, and straight, light design lines.

Modern and open to the garden

Here, wood is the main protagonist of this facade. The rest of the elements have primary purposes, to be functional and to enhance nature.

This style is full of uniqueness as in this simple structure. It allows full enjoyment of naturalization.

Asian inspired

Mysticism is present with originality in this facade which denotes an admiration for the oriental. However, the color and design of the roof, the exact symmetry of the hallway. The link with nature makes this construction even more attractive.

Final words

Here are the 10 most popular home styles you might like. But before choosing, remember to take into account the climate, the region and your needs.

What was your favorite? Do not wait any longer and give style to your home with a design that best matches your tastes and your personality!

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