10 Ways Freelance Photographers Can Maximize Productivity


A freelance photographer is responsible for finding new clients, taking pictures, editing them and preparing invoices.

These small tasks can take a toll on your productivity. However, you can still make the most of your productive hours with these productivity tips and continue to make money doing what you love to do.

1. Automate time-consuming tasks

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To become a more productive freelance photographer, you need to streamline all tasks through automation like email marketing, auctions, and booking. You can use various tools available to automate these responsibilities.

Stop sending emails manually to your potential customers and automate email marketing. You can try free online web apps like Moosend, Mosaic, Be free, Dyspatch, etc.

You can also use tools and plugins to automate bookings with features like specifying customer location, two-way Google Calendar sync, and multiple payment options.

2. Create templates for frequent email communications

Do you ever write the same email multiple times? You can save time by creating customizable templates. These are useful to send to customers at different points in your workflow, such as the introductory email.

Once you’ve reached this workflow segment, find a suitable model. After that, you just need to include the customer information before sending it. As a result, you can avoid hastily typing mistakes and save time by writing new emails every time.

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3. Create a dedicated workspace

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While many freelance photographers work from home, you shouldn’t end up editing photos half-lying in bed in most cases. You may be able to get by by working casually in certain situations. However, you will be tempted to get sidetracked over time.

To be productive, you need to have a dedicated workspace. It is better to use a free room as a working space. Alternatively, you can set up a desk in your living room or bedroom.

Along with having a dedicated workstation, you also need to stay organized. You should keep your photographic equipment in a designated place so that it can be easily found. Likewise, your desktop should be free of all unnecessary items, and the same goes for your computer desktop.

4. Configure the right systems for effective photo editing

In photography, editing photos is one of the most time-consuming tasks. If you can spend less time editing, you can use that time to do more photoshoots and attract new clients.

The best method to improve editing efficiency is to edit photos in large batches. You can also create custom keyboard shortcuts for the most used editing action. These will save you thousands of keystrokes during photo editing sessions.

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5. Keep a calendar

user management calendar app

Even as a freelance writer, you need to maintain a schedule for your schedules. Use apps like Calendly to organize meetings and appointments with your clients. These apps allow you to designate a specific time for meetings.

If you are self-employed in addition to doing a full-time job, these apps will protect your working time and schedule freelance tasks for the remaining time slots.

6. Manage social media posts with a scheduler app

When working as a freelance writer, you need to leverage your social media accounts to market your services. However, creating social media content and posting it at the best time of day can break your focus and hurt your productivity.

Get out of this situation by planning ahead and scheduling your posts. Prepare bulk content for platforms like Instagram when it’s convenient for you. You can get help from online social media post scheduler tools that will serve posts on your behalf when your followers are most active.

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7. Always keep a laptop handy.

write ideas on a notebook

Photography involves creative ideas, and as a freelance photographer it will be discouraging to forget some innovative ideas because you haven’t written them down.

You can come up with ideas to improve your business or photography practices at any time. It would be foolish to depend on your memory to remember it later. Also, its immediate implementation may not always be possible leaving aside other important tasks.

Therefore, you always need a notebook with you to jot down the ideas you get. This will allow you to jot down whenever inspiration strikes you and refer to it later. If you don’t like pen and paper, there are plenty of note-taking apps available for desktops and mobile devices.

8. Create a portfolio website

A photographer is an artist, and your photography portfolio will speak louder than any word. Whenever someone approaches you and asks for your portfolio, don’t keep sharing random photos via email or WhatsApp.

You can showcase the best examples of your photography through a well-oriented and structured portfolio website. The next time someone wants your portfolio, share the website to impress them.

When creating a portfolio website, make sure that it has the following characteristics:

  • A responsive user interface (UI) tailored to each device.

  • Coordinates with good visibility.

  • Your best images with the option to display them in their original size.

  • Minimalist, neat and modern design.

  • Links to all of your social media accounts.

answer customer phone calls

Every client is valuable to a freelance photographer. Ignored phone calls and late response to emails can cost you a potential customer. Someone who contacts you for a photography service means that they have found you and are considering hiring you at that exact moment.

A late response means they can approach someone else and hire them instead. Quickly end the conversation and get hired. A quick response will also ensure one less task on your to-do list and full focus on the job.

10. Set a time to browse the Internet

As a photographer, you already spend a great deal of your time staring at the computer screen for editing photos and videos. By minimizing your web surfing time, you will reduce strain on your eyes and brain.

Limit the time you spend on the internet and social media each day. While reading informative articles may seem productive, it distracts your attention and hurts productivity. You can get help from apps that control your use of social media and the internet.

Thrive as a productive freelance photographer

As a freelance photographer, you can increase your productivity by avoiding any distractions. On top of that, switching to online task management apps can help you become a more effective freelance photographer.

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