10 ways social media and smartphones would have changed the show


As Dawson’s Creek aired from 1998 to 2003, the characters missed having cell phones and using social media. The show was still a groundbreaking teen drama that explored friendship, love, and growth, but it would have been fascinating to see how Dawson and his pals used smartphones, Twitter, and Instagram.

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Some characters are more lovable than others, but everyone in Capeside would certainly act differently if they had access to these things. It would be great to see Dawson explore his love of movies on the internet, and his friends and love interests would use social media in their own way as well.

ten Dawson would have become an influencer

Dawson is sweet, romantic and obsessed with cinema. If he had Instagram, he would definitely become an influencer.

Dawson would likely have a few posts and videos going viral as he would rewatch his favorite Spielberg movies and people would love his clever analysis. It would be particularly impressive if he was only in high school and had such a mastery of the themes and meaning behind these stories. Before too long, Dawson would be famous and companies would pay him to promote certain products, and he would have a lot of fun connecting with other moviegoers.

9 Joey reportedly has an Instagram she rarely uses (except to nitpick Dawson)

Joey is a smart person who can be cynical, which means she wouldn’t love social media as much as Dawson.

She would create an Instagram account, fill out a wave bio, upload a profile photo, and post a few random photos of the nature or the cove. She ended up getting bored and would rather read a book or study rather than spend hours scrolling through her feed. But Joey would love to tune in to Dawson online because at the start of the show, she was hopelessly in love with him. She would like and comment on all her posts.

8 Jen would be in trouble because of her social media posts

Intelligent wild child Jen moved to Capeside after her parents caught her having sex in their bed. If social networks existed when Dawson’s Creek was on the air, perhaps her mom and dad would have seen her social media accounts and learned that she was on the move in New York City, acting years beyond her age.

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When she moved to Capeside, Jen would continue to tweet and share posts on Instagram, and her Grams certainly wouldn’t approve. They would probably get into even more arguments at the start of the show. Grams told him to spend less time online and more time outdoors and studying.

7 Joey and Pacey would text before falling in love

Joey and Pacey - Dawson's Creek

Joey had a tough decision choosing between Pacey and Dawson. While she might never have imagined that she would fall in love with Dawson’s silly, wacky best friend, she soon realized that they got along better than she had expected.

If Joey and Pacey had smartphones, they would have texted for weeks before kissing, starting dating, and falling head over heels in love. They would have enjoyed the jokes and would have stayed up late, unable to stop talking to each other. It would have been perfect as no one would know and they could hide their growing feelings.

6 Dawson would have a YouTube channel

YouTube started in 2005 and since Dawson’s Creek ceased broadcasting in 2003, Dawson did not have the chance to explore this medium.

But it’s easy to imagine Dawson having his own YouTube channel and using that platform to post short films. It would help him get attention and maybe he would even be approached for more film festivals. Dawson’s film career might have started even earlier if he had access to YouTube, and maybe he would have found a cool job right out of high school and skipped the idea of ​​film school.

5 Pacey would tweet jokes and funny observations during class

Pacey is totally underrated and while he hated school and didn’t think much about his future beyond high school, he’s a lot smarter than others think.

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If Pacey tweeted about Dawson’s Creek, he tweeted jokes and hilarious observations when he was supposed to be careful during class. He would much rather spend time on Twitter than listen to the teacher and he would likely be sent to the principal’s office several times for overusing his smartphone.

4 Bessie could promote her Bed & Breakfast and become more prosperous

Since Joey was living with his older sister Bessie, she helped when Bessie opened a Bed & Breakfast, and everyone participated in the Season 3 episode “A Weekend in the Country”.

One reporter loved this place and his positive review helped the B&B do well. But it looks like if Bessie could have promoted her place on social media, she would have garnered even more attention and made more money. The critic also reportedly posted his review on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

3 Joey and Dawson could have stayed in touch better after high school

Dawson and Joey have always stayed close and yet when they graduated high school there were times when they weren’t in close contact.

During the Season 6 premiere, viewers discovered that Joey and Dawson hadn’t communicated all summer and that they didn’t know what was going on. If they had a smartphone, it seems likely that they would have sent multiple texts multiple times and also registered on social media.

2 Jen reportedly learned Charlie was cheating via social media

Jen discovers Charlie cheating in Dawsons Creek

Jen was charmed by Charlie until she realized he was also dating Nora. The two teamed up to teach him a lesson, and it was a perfect scenario.

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Had Jen had access to social media, it seems likely that she would have found out about Charlie and Nora much sooner, and Nora might have heard about Jen earlier as well. When they wanted revenge, they might have posted a video of them together on Instagram Stories, and Charlie would have been even more shocked that they found out.

1 Grams reportedly explored dating apps

Some Dawson’s Creek The storylines were clunky, but Grams deserved a little more screen time, as she and Jen became very close after initially struggling to understand each other.

If Grams had a smartphone, she would explore dating apps and start seeing a very nice person, whom Jen would approve of. It would change her life and could help Grams find more peace and happiness in her life, instead of worrying so much about Jen.

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