5 Websites to Start Your “Black” or Freelance Journey

The work-from-home setup after the Covid-19 pandemic has facilitated the era of hustle culture and the gig economy. Moonlighting, a fancy term for full-time self-employment, has become a hot topic of debate as top IT bosses, employees, HR managers and other stakeholders clash On the question. Fighting aside, if you want to start another stream of income, here are five platforms that can get you freelancing gigs.


Upwork is a cloud-based platform that connects independent service providers with customers. Users can register for free on the platform.

The platform charges 20% on labor up to a value of $500. The commission rate decreases for higher income brackets. They charge 10% for work from $500.01 to $10,000 and 5% on income from $10,000.

2. Fifth

Fiverr helps professionals like writers, graphic designers, and software developers, among others, find freelance gigs. The platform charges from $5 to $150 commission depending on the net amount of the invoice.

Creating a Fiverr account is also free. Service providers can list their services at different rates depending on their needs. The platform ranks individual service providers based on their reviews and professional experience.

3. Guru

The Guru platform also helps freelancers get side gigs. They charge a 2.9% processing fee on each invoice.

The platform’s dashboard also allows professionals to track ongoing projects, pending projects, pending applications, timelines, and more.

4. Independent

Freelancer is another platform where customers can bid on the services of a freelancer. The platform charges a flat commission of 3% on the invoice amount.

Freelancers can register on the platform for free and create an account after uploading their professional profile.

5. People per hour

As the name suggests, this freelance platform offers work on an hourly basis. It also has in-app messaging features between freelancers and clients.

The platform charges a commission of 5-20% depending on the value of each invoice.

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