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Let’s face it: The customer base you’ve built with hard work might loosen up over time. However, this is a NON-GO for any good business that is certainly aiming to keep going, so you need to re-engage. For this purpose, you can deploy email marketing. But it doesn’t make sense to keep a big catalog of emails if half of your subscribers don’t get online. Email catalogs are dropping about 25% per year.

However, you can’t just let a former customer sleep. Research shows that it is much easier to sell to an older customer than to a new prospect.

No doubt there are tons of reasons for this. It’s about the quantity or regularity of emails or maybe your subscribers; they don’t like the content. Many subscribers simply sign up to receive a contract or an offer. And as a result, some subscribers have considered doing business with you and therefore turn to an opponent. There can be various factors in the role.

But whatever the reason; it reimburses in an attempt to receive interest from expired subscribers again. Afterwards, it is easier to present your other services to an existing client. Additionally, increasing your retention rate by just 5% can increase transactions by up to 25%.

In this article, we’ll give you some tips for re-engaging your stale and inactive subscribers. By the end of this article, you will understand how to get them excited about being attached to you, so that they ultimately become your customers.

Existing customers are already ready to acquire from your group or brand, so don’t let them go through the crashes. Use email marketing tips to re-engage and bring back your customers.

  1. Find out the problem

If you find that your customer is not responsive enough, why not just ask them! Send an email to collect your comments. You might even find out what’s wrong with your overall product or strategy, and that’s a constructive place to start. Many companies use email automation experts to conduct their polls and surveys to uncover speed factors in their customer experience roadmap.

  1. Give them a lot

Right now you are wondering how you can connect with your customers; we suggest you consider offering them a lot. Analysis of the survey indicates:

  • Coupons are one of the best strategies for keeping your customer excited, as 61% use them.
  • About 97% of customers are looking for sales or interesting offers.
  • Voucher users pay 6% more than other customers.

So a voucher, offer, coupon, or deduction is an amazing way to get those customers connected and pay again.

  1. Be personal

Customers love to receive emails about them and especially to them, and they’ll have a pleasant surprise if you remember your customers’ birthdays or anniversaries. However, personalization doesn’t have to stop at just one date. Offer them items based on what they like. How about giving them incentives for referrals? To do this advantageously, all you have to do is get your customer’s information through your registration form.

Re-engage your stale customers or subscribers with fascinating and related emails. Email Automation Services provided by experts can help you restore your inactive customers, so they start clicking, opening and reading your emails the same way.

  1. Fresh content

One of the reasons subscribers give up worrying is that they dislike and dislike the content of the email. We therefore recommend that you start by discovering the topics that interest them. For example, you can use a brief survey. Ask them what they are looking for. You would be surprised how many people would openly recommend what you are creating content on. Don’t believe us! Check out the different YouTube channels where people are actively requesting a certain format.

  1. Activate deactivations

For customers who may be overwhelmed with wanting to block just because they receive too many emails, there is another choice: the opt-out service included in your email. This allows subscribers to select how often they want to receive an email.

  1. Emphasize what is fresh

You can also use emails to distribute new blogs, newsletters, email invitations, and projects. Often, customers don’t come to your website to see what’s new. So you would need to inform them. If your business has launched a new product, use the email marketing game to connect with your old customers.

  1. Promote the benefits

It’s always a good idea to remind your customer why they signed up in the first place. They can take advantage of you in a way that they know, so just ask why they contacted you, to get started. Maybe a certain product wasn’t available when they made it, so if it’s back, send them a mail to let them know.


Existing customers who have already chosen to do business or work with your brand or company in the past are very profitable. Don’t let them jump by the wayside – try to set up re-engagement programs to keep your old customers and keep them coming back.

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