A Week in the Life of Maria Karim, YouTube App Senior Program Manager and [email protected] Global Co-Head


6:45 am My alarm clock goes off and I put on 15 minutes of guided meditation on YouTube. As I drift in and out of sleep.

07:00 – Happy Monday! I’m going down to pick up our 23-month-old Maltipoo, Codie. I watch him stretch and do his downward yoga position. I go up to get ready.

7:45 am I make my oat bran with oats and coconut milk to fuel me until lunch. Then I take Codie for a 10 minute walk around the block because he refuses to poop in our yard :). During the walk, I check my personal and professional e-mails to detect urgent problems.

09:00 Meeting with AJ confirming the logistics of our Bad Bunny concert with Familia Leads on Thursday. Exciting!

9:30 a.m. – I work on the YouTube MainApp web team, which is the team that develops www.YouTube.com on both web and mobile web. I’m leading a new upcoming initiative that’s about to launch and hope it delights YouTube viewers and creators everywhere.

11:00 Lead a weekly Download Engineering sync where we discuss the week’s launches to improve Smart Downloads (a YouTube Premium feature that allows members to download YouTube videos to watch offline), design document reviews, approvals and set the agenda for our extended downloads team meeting that happens right after. Learn more here.

12:00 p.m. Lunch and time for another walk with Codie!

15:00 – Lead Q4 core application team finalization of OKRs and cross-organization support requests. Defining these is essential to ensure we have clear alignment and priorities are set to achieve our annual goals.

Highlights of the day – I prepared my family for my departure for the [email protected] “Cultivate” summit in San Francisco. Due to covid, we haven’t physically brought our Latinx YouTube community together. Our annual summit is a time for us to come together in community, to empower, to learn and to cultivate. Finalize last minute logistics and fix my absence until Friday. Meet at the hotel for our welcome reception!

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