A wonderland for active social media users

From restaurants and hotels to bars and clubs, you’ll see people taking pictures and making videos almost everywhere you go. In an age where going out is like taking photos and videos for social media, many businesses, to attract customers, go the extra mile to make sure their places look good.

House of Selfies takes this whole catering game for social media enthusiasts to a whole new level. Located on the third floor of Civil Mall, Kathmandu, House of Selfies has 23 spacious photo booths for visitors to take photos and videos, making it a unique place for those who want to take multiple photos and videos for social media .

“In the age of social media, we see a lot of people visiting different places just so they can take photos and videos and upload them to their social media,” says Ashutosh Neupane, Sales, Marketing and Operations Manager at House. of Selfies. . “It is this demographic that we intend to cater to.”

There are a total of 23 photo booths at House of Selfies, and each has a distinct theme. There is a watermelon-themed booth, a pool party-themed booth, a booth depicting an airline’s business class seats, a golden cage depicting the famous Bollywood song “Baby Doll “, a stand themed on the cover of “Vogue” magazine, etc., each with an individual light rings. What the stands have in common is that they are all aesthetically pleasing to the eye and are sure to become a big hit among those who enjoy producing photo and video content on social media.

On a recent afternoon, Aishwarya Shahi (24) and her mother, Muna Shahi (47), were among those present at the House of Selfies. Aishwarya was busy making a video of her TikTok-loving mother dancing to the song “Kholi Tirai Tir”. As soon as Aishwarya got the right video, she recorded it to upload to her mother’s TikTok account.

“House of Selfies also has Wi-Fi and changing rooms, which makes it much more convenient for visitors like us,” says Aishwarya. “Since my mom is a bit of a TikToker, I thought it would be fun for her to come here to House of Selfies and make TikTok videos. She’s having a great time here. Plus, I got to take beautiful photos for my Instagram.

Muna, Aishwarya’s mother, started making TikTok videos two years ago, and ever since then, whenever she goes out, she makes sure she is at her best making TikTok videos.

“The problem is that each time you visit a place, you can barely make two or three TikTok videos because the choice of suitable backgrounds is limited,” Muna explains. “But here at House of Selfies, you can create 23 different TikTok videos, each with a different background. What more can you ask for.”

While House of Selfies seems to attract people of all ages, most visitors are in their twenties and under.

Srijana Gurung, 24, said she first heard about House of Selfies from an Instagram post.

“It’s my first time here, and it seems like a fun place. But if I manage to take photos and videos in all 23 cabins, I see no reason to come back,” Gurung says.

But the founders of House of Selfies, which started in July, say they’ve already anticipated this aspect of the business and have a plan to give visitors plenty of reasons to return.

“Every three to four months we will add new photo booths, and we will also bring new photo booths according to the trend at the time. For example, at Christmas and Halloween, we will have booths that reflect both occasions,” Neupane added. “That way there will always be something new at House of Selfies.”

House of Selfies charges Rs 499 for one hour from Monday to Thursday. Visitors will have to pay Rs 699 per hour from Friday to Sunday and on public holidays. La Maison des Selfies is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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