AbleDocs ADWeb provides manual and automated website compliance audit

AbleDocs launched ADWeb, a holistic hybrid approach to web accessibility, to help organizations ensure their websites are inclusive and accessible.

“Meeting the needs of our customers is what enables AbleDocs to push the boundaries of what digital accessibility means,” said Adam Spencer, CEO of AbleDocs. “Following our acquisitions of WebKey IT and Sitemorse, we look forward to ensuring that our existing and future customers can benefit from our unmatched offerings. “ADWeb represents the next exciting chapter in this commitment. “

ADWeb relies both on the talents of ADWebKey, experts in manual testing and training, and on the ingenuity of Sitemorse, the automated compliance audit. Together, they provide simple, actionable reports that organizations can use to create their accessibility roadmaps. It also offers customizable and flexible training and consulting services aimed at helping organizations better understand and implement accessibility best practices on their websites.

“ADWeb is a natural next step for our customers and a great stepping stone to digital accessibility for those new to creating inclusive digital products for people of all abilities,” said Amanda Mace, AbleDocs vice president for l ‘Australasia. “The products and services offered are varied to suit each situation and each organization, no matter where you are in your digital accessibility journey. A path accessible to all users is a path that can be taken from start to finish. By expanding our offerings with ADWeb, AbleDocs can help organizations do this better than ever. “

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