Andrew Tate’s Popularity Drips Dramatically Following Deplatforming Major Social Media Websites

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate’s influence has seen a drastic decline after he was removed from all major social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and TikTok.

It’s been almost two months since its official suspension and according to Google trends, its overall popularity has seen a sudden drop.

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It’s a surprise since the British-American influencer has had a brief resurgence online. Essentially, the numerous suspensions didn’t deter Tate, as he quickly moved on to Rumble. Attracting a massive following at the time, the content creator even claimed it couldn’t be “cancelled”.

Andrew Tate’s viewership and popularity dwindle after being suspended from major social media platforms

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At the start of his suspension, Tate experienced a massive surge in popularity, with the former Kickboxing champ making headlines with his music videos and shorts. His content began to spread across the internet, leading to him signing a massive deal with Rumble.

Right now, his search volume has seen a drastic drop of 60%, with his name dropping down the top trending list.

Andrew Tate's decline in search trends (Image via Google Trends)
Andrew Tate’s decline in search trends (Image via Google Trends)

That’s not all, the drop goes well beyond Google metrics research as well. Tate hasn’t been seen on any major podcast shows, Twitch channels or even TikTok. He also didn’t appear on the channel of Adin Ross, the person who introduced him to the internet.

That being said, it seems that even though the majority of the fans have been following him on a completely different platform, they are not consuming his videos and clips with as much fervor as before.

Other than her emergency podcast video released in September, most of her clips have struggled to hit the 100,000-view mark.

Deplatforming Andrew Tate from major social media platforms has garnered a plethora of reactions. Notably, some took issue with the idea of ​​banning it for its controversial content and deemed the platform futile. Many still feared that he might circulate his contentious videos and opinions.

However, given current trends and statistics, it seems that Tate’s relevance on the internet, especially among its fans, has taken a hit.

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