Aniview Unveils New SDK for Mobile Apps That Boost Profits on IOS and Android


Aniview, a provider of comprehensive end-to-end ad serving solutions for publishers, recently unveiled the launch of Software Development Kit (SDK) capabilities on its seamless monetization platform for video content management.

SDK technology allows publishers to serve additional ads in native mobile apps to increase revenue on IOS and Android devices.

More … than three billion people use smartphones around the world, and this number is expected to increase in the coming years. As people continue to use and buy iPhones and Androids, marketers and advertisers need to make sure they are able to reach these consumers.

Tablets and smartphones are more and more sophisticated and the need for laptops and desktops is lower. Both devices use native apps, and with Aniview’s new SDK technology, advertisers can better target the ever-growing number of consumers, while publishers and app developers can earn additional revenue streams.

The native SDK will support the Video Ad Serving Model (VAST) and Video Player Advertising Interface (VPAID), which allow advertisers to serve rich media and interactive ads to users.

The technology supports all types of formats on native applications, with a holistic approach. The best part about the Aniview SDK is that it is part of the app’s workflow and has no impact on the user experience.

Aniview customers can now manage their SDK ads remotely through the Aniview platform. User-friendly technology gives editors a different set of tools such as transitions, animations, and scrolling options.

Aniview offers several user experience models for its customers to choose from. Users can either take advantage of Aniview’s standard technology for easy ad integration, or develop the template themselves.

Launched in 2013, the Aniview platform offers a complete ecosystem for managing video and video advertising thanks to its patented technology. It includes a proprietary and patented video ad player, PreBid server, seamless header bidding integration, high performance ad server, Marketplace, SSAI, CTV / OTT dynamic bidding, and SDK d ‘mobile applications.

Alon Carmel, CEO of Aniview, said:

“We are very excited about this new SDK technology because it is different from any other traditional SDK. The SDK opens up additional slots that were not in use, which in favor dramatically increases publisher revenue, while also generating new methods of engagement for advertisers. Our platform is now available on all digital platforms on the market. “


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