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Stockholm, May 11, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Tangent, a new cryptocurrency project launched on the Cardano blockchain in 2022 is rapidly experiencing impressive growth and traction that eventually garners mainstream media attention, while also receiving multiple endorsements from influential blockchain enthusiasts. The team recently released the project’s highly anticipated website and white paper simultaneously. A white paper is a document published by a crypto project that gives potential investors technical information regarding its conceptualization, support and future plans detailing how it expects to grow and succeed. The project initially raised questions for not publishing a website or white paper, but instead focusing on social media channels to gain traction. In a world where there seem to be multiple crypto projects launched every day, most of which can be considered questionable at best, alternative ways of project growth should be explored. Fast forward a few weeks and Tangent’s website and whitepaper have now been made public and are causing a stir within the Cardano community.

In previous interviews, Ben Gordon, one of the co-founders of the Tangent team, was asked why the project chose to launch via social media first, he replied, “We really decided to shake up the blockchain space on Cardano and disrupt history. We had a pre-launch game plan that included our approach to both technology and marketing. To be honest, we just hadn’t fully documented our thoughts in a format that would be considered publicly available at the time. On the contrary, our rather significant growth has further delayed the publication of our whitepaper (and our Discord server!), because, with such support through our private seed sale, we knew we could not disappoint, and so we took more time and effort when building. 2xW; website and white paper. We believe both have delivered far more than anyone expected, including some of our employees! To tell the truth, we are very satisfied with the overall result.

the White paper on the tangent, a solid 24-page document that’s certainly not lacking in detail, covers everything from Tangent’s economics (tokenomics) to their implementation of a grants program to support emerging digital artists within the industry. . Essentially, Tangent will be a permissionless platform where investors, artists, and all other parties can stake, receive rewards, and experience game-changing NFTs seamlessly, securely, and sustainably on the Cardano blockchain. Additionally, Tangent will be a governance token, giving holders the ability to participate directly in the governance of the ecosystem by voting on proposals related to the development and use of the Tangent platform itself. Any proposal that meets the proposal thresholds set by the governance protocol will be eligible for community voting.

This all sounds great, but is there any real use for the tokens? Yes. Tangent will also have real utility by allowing users to monetize their virtual assets and access new financial services through the creation of new asset classes of NFTs generating returns backed by in-game and real-world assets, such as minority stakes in properties based in Japan through the purchase of certain NFTs. Cool, right?

The website itself explains in detail how holders will be able to stake both their NFT and Tangent tokens through their Dapp. This means locking up some of their tokens and one or more NFTs for a period of time in order to increase the value of their holdings. The more tokens and NFTs, the bigger the rewards. Staking was noted as one of the “most beneficial actions for all participants”. notes Clint Alexander, co-founder, who conducted face-to-face feedback sessions with a number of seed sale attendees. He added “We plan to develop Tangent into a DAO-governed model or a decentralized autonomous organization, which would further give our holders and our community primary decision-making or voting rights to move the organization forward.”

In short, the output of White paper on tangents and website did not disappoint. Compared to the plethora of alt-coins on the market, Tangent has delivered something that can definitely be considered the best in terms of aesthetics and content. It is filled with cutting-edge technologies, a long-term vision and, above all, clarity on how the project will be implemented and when. Throughout the whitepaper, the team provides explanations of technical terminology, thus encompassing a broader audience while making it digestible for both beginners and experienced blockchain investors. After reading their whitepaper and browsing their website, one can see why something so creative couldn’t be rushed. The Tangent team has set itself some big goals and certainly has a long but exciting way to go. However, if they can achieve what is described in their white paper, with the backing and backing of Cardano community, they will surely be a force to be reckoned with on their blockchain of choice. Discover their two W and keep a close eye on this project as it develops.

Users can find a link to the Tangent white paper directly on their website or by clicking the relevant link below:

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CONTACT: Company Name: Tangent Contact persons: Clint Alexander & Ben Gordon (Co-Founders) Website: Email: calexander (at) / bgordon (at) / hello (at)

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