Apple explains why its app store rejected more than a million new apps in 2020


Apple said on Tuesday it had rejected nearly a million new apps submitted to the App Store last year, as part of its efforts to identify and detect fraudulent apps and their developers on the platform and take action against them.

In another revelation that gave customers a better understanding of how its App Store processes work, the Cupertino-based company revealed in a detailed post only that

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Calling its App Review team a “critical line of defense,” Apple said it has evolved its guidelines for the store over time as threats and challenges evolve, adding that they are being applied to every application and every update. “In 2020, nearly a million new problematic apps and almost a million additional app updates were rejected or removed for a variety of reasons like these,” the company said. declared.

The company also explained what the app store rejection means, explaining that more than 180,000 new developers launched apps on the App Store in 2020 and that the company’s goal was to “always get new applications on the store ”. Apple says the apps may have been rejected because they weren’t complete or were not fully functioning when submitted for approval. He also made a veiled reference to the Talking social media platform, stating that some apps that have been removed “may not yet have a sufficient mechanism to moderate user-generated content.”

All the reasons why apps were banned from the App Store last year. (Apple)

Among the million apps that were rejected from the App Store, the company said it found “ gross ” violations, including more than 48,000 apps that used hidden or undocumented features not supported on the operating system, while over 150,000 apps were either spam apps, copied from existing apps and designed to trick users into making a purchase. Meanwhile, around 95,000 apps have been launched outside the store for using bait and switch tricks to trick users.

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Apple also said it has started removing apps in recent months that target users who changed their functionality after being reviewed, to become real money gambling apps, or predatory lending apps, or even content. pornographic via video chat. Meanwhile, over 2.15,000 apps were rejected from the store last year for requesting more data than necessary and / or mismanaging the data collected.

The company also said it has targeted more than 244 million customer accounts for fraudulent and abusive activity, while 424 million account creations suspected of fraud have been blocked. 32 lakh apps that misused a company certificate – a tool used by companies to bypass the App Store to install apps on a “ company-managed ” working iPhone. The company claims that fraudulent developers are using this trick to bypass Apple’s rigorous App Store review process and other nefarious purposes.


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