Apple launches Safari Dark Mode Toggle for individual websites

Apple continues to develop new features and applications to keep loyal customers loyal. This time again, Apple is trying something different and unique. He is working on a Safari feature that will give access to a dark mode user preference for individual websites. The whole concept of Safari Dark Mode Toggle is based on references found in the open-source WebKit code.

WebKit is a browser engine from Apple that powers all browsers on iOS. The new option was seen in 9to5Mac which is referenced in WebKit code hosted by GitHub as it overrides the system color scheme whenever the personal website is approached. This new development will solve this problem and whenever the individual website is approached, the particular website will be displayed in dark mode even if the system light mode is enabled.

Safari dark mode toggle saves battery

Apple introduced this dark mode for iPhone users and Ipad users with iOS 13. Developers are now updating their app preferences thinking that they have to make the change or else the system settings will be broken. correspondence or users will cancel it. The new dark mode individual website preference in Safari will also be extended to browsing sites so users can fix the color scheme of those websites that don’t display well in light and dark modes.

Other ongoing developments

Besides the personal website display settings, Apple is also working on the other options. He is developing a system for modal popups that appear on special websites in Safari to appear as system alerts. For that, there would be a cancel button and pressing it will dismiss modal popups.

Apple is also working on the new API that will handle the cookie consent process that many websites go through.

Apple users are eagerly waiting for new developments to be presented to the public. New WebKit features are labeled “TBA” so users wonder if the features will be available in Safari through future iOS 15 and MacOS 12 updates or if they will appear with the upcoming operating system in the next few years . Things are still in progress, so Apple users should wait and see how Apple will make the new feature available to them.

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