BBB says United Address Change website is misleading movers

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Better Business Bureau - BBBNashville, TN – May is National Moving Month, and at the top of everyone’s moving checklist is a change of address.

If you are planning a move, pay attention to this website. Consumers report that United address changeWebsite website misled them into thinking they were submitting address changes United States Postal Service.

Instead, the site made unapproved debits on their credit cards.

Movers are misled by the website

According to Better Business Bureau of North Central Texas, United address change as an “F” for failure to respond to complaints. BBB handled 96 complaints and the company did not respond to 29 of them.

Better Business Bureau is warning consumers of the change of address website scam.

The Better Business Bureau is warning consumers of change of address website scams.

A resident of Virginia told BBB, “I used this website assuming it was the United States Post Office to change my address. Before submitting, he said there would be a fee of $ 1.05 to verify identity. After submitting the request, it shows up as $ 79.95 in my bank account. I called US Post customer service and was told it was a scam. “

Another complaint from Birmingham, Alabama said, “I have been misled by this website. They accused me without my permission. I thought I was on a USPS site that only charges a dollar for processing. “

A man from Anchorage, Alaska reported, “Their website shows the USPS change of address. Nowhere on the site does it indicate that it is a “third party” company. Nowhere on the website does it state that there will be a charge of $ 79.95 to change your mailing address. After entering my credit card information to pay what I thought was the $ 1.20 post office fee to verify that the person making the request is the person whose address is changed. Today the charges were billed and charged to my bank account. ”

Look for similar websites

Websites like this are private companies that allegedly facilitate address changes. However, consumers can directly access the United States Postal Service to change their address.

BBB has also received reports on other look-alike websites purporting to help people renew your driver’s license, get a credit report, or stop junk mail. All of these sites pay to get their listings at the top of the search results. People inadvertently click on them thinking it is an official site.

Don’t be fooled by similar websites:

  • Check the URL before entering your personal and payment information. Always verify that you are on the correct website and that the link is secure. Secure links start with “https: //” and include a padlock icon on the purchase page.
  • Shop online with your credit card. Fraudulent charges made on a credit card can usually be disputed. Unfortunately, there is no way to retrieve the personal information you have shared.

Learn more about change of address scams. For more reliable information about lookalikes, visit the websites

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