Best of Norwalk Launches First-Ever Best of Norwalk Mobile App

A new mobile app takes off today in the form of a portable resource that showcases the best of Norwalk. The hyper-local, live and visually appealing free mobile app is an exciting new resource for locals, newcomers and tourists to explore the coastal community of Norwalk, CT, and a handy resource for residents to enjoy their time. town and “Make your Good Life Simple.”

The Best of Norwalk mobile app is a multi-tiered experience with content rooted in top food, entertainment, retail and lifestyle companies, curated by a team of community influencers, local experts and trusted advisers. The Professional and Home Services Directory consists of sponsored listings from local businesses that meet the application’s professional qualifications and standards.

The Best of Norwalk is under the direction of MaxEx Public Relations, LLC, the team that created and managed the former Norwalk Now marketing arm for the City of Norwalk, which the Norwalk Parking Authority funded between 2017 and 2020. Norwalk Now was renamed in 2021 to Best of Norwalk and has partnered with Best of Ventures, Inc., a global company that deploys ‘Best of Local’ community applications powered by highly sophisticated technology and multilevel marketing.

“We see the mobile app as the next incarnation of what we started four years ago. It’s a great vehicle that will grow with the city, ”says Linda Kavanagh, owner of MaxEx Public Relations and Community Director of Best of Norwalk,“ Its functionality appeals to the consumer. The platform is a great connector for businesses. And the City of Norwalk comes wrapped in one app.

The Best of Norwalk Platform presents the end user with an easy-to-navigate and enjoyable information platform for direct transactions. Users can search, call, shop, make a reservation, order takeout, book a salon appointment, register for a fitness class, contact a business, and more! Organic content includes Best of Norwalk’s digital magazine “The Mag,” BON Podcast and weekly contests showcasing local businesses. With over 20,000 subscribers already on social media, email and SMS marketing to a hyper-local opt-in consumer base, Facebook community engagement, and an in-house gift card program. he city-wide starting in 2022, Best of Norwalk truly captures the pulse of the city.

“I see Norwalk as a bustling ‘magnet’ city destination,” says Stephen Dickstein, Founder, CEO, Best of Ventures, Inc., “Providing consumers with portable access to all the best places to eat, information on good things to take place in town, while also making it easier to find all the best local services and goods, this is the purpose of the app. It’s a simple, logical, and modern convenience that this great city deserves. The Best of Norwalk mobile app makes participating in all of this easy at Norwalk. “

The best local mobile apps to launch next include Delray Beach, FL, Austin, TX, and Greenwich and Fairfield, CT.

Get the app! It’s free! “Best of Local”, Google Play and Apple Store


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