Billionaire Michael Jordan has made a startling revelation about surviving in today’s social media age

NBA legend Michael Jordan’s startling revelation about whether he should play in today’s social media age.

One of the greatest to ever step on the hardwood, Michael Jordan defined the term popularity. The Bulls legend played an important role in marketing the NBA brand globally. MJ was America’s national obsession, everyone wanted a piece of him.

Air Jordan had developed an aura around him, with fans, peers and even naysayers calling him Black Jesus. At the time, the concept of globalization had just taken hold, with the boundaries between nations blurring, fueling MJ’s stardom to levels never seen before.

Nevertheless, the six-time champion managed to keep the mystery around him, given that there was no social media. Although His Airness had fans and media personnel trying to stalk him, MJ was able to keep them at bay, something nearly impossible in today’s paparazzi culture.

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One of the most constant topics of debate is whether MJ would have survived today’s social media era, something the ten-time champion also has his doubts about.

Michael Jordan finally asked if he would have survived playing in the age of social media.

There is no doubt that today’s athletes need to be extremely careful about their image, with their lives in the public eye. The advent of social media has been a double-edged sword. While this allows players to connect with their fans in a more personal way, there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.

Many describe social media as a toxic place, especially for those under the public scrutiny. There’s always a section of trolls and haters waiting to take you down, no matter how good you do. Today’s fans feel like they can say whatever they want while sitting behind the computer screen.

Speaking of the NBA, the first example that comes to mind is LeBron James, with all his activities being monitored on the internet. No matter what he accomplishes, there is always a section of opponents waiting for him. Thus, the question arose whether MJ could have survived in today’s times, to which he said the following.

Ironically, MJ is not on any social media platform despite having built a billion dollar empire for himself. However, it’s very bold for the six-time Finals MVP to make the reveal above.

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