BTC365 Introduces Mobile App, One-Click Full Gaming Experience

Everything you need to know about the BTC365 mobile app to win a completely new gaming experience

Jumping on the “brand new year, brand new face” trend, BTC365 launched its mobile app, now officially accepting bets and easily entertaining players around the world. The BTC365 mobile app gives a fresh perspective, the new app will be launched with not only better features, but it also comes with exciting new crypto games that will keep players entertained while they are on the app.


The mobile application is available on iOS and Android operating systems. It comes in two modes – light and dark, one of the customizations which is a key differentiation that makes the user experience much better. Currently the app works in two languages ​​- English and Mandarin, with more languages ​​in the framework. The sleek interface of the BTC365 mobile app also offers faster loading time and smoother navigation. It is designed to provide every gamer with a seamless gaming experience with extravagantly enhanced outlook and feel. Tested by professionals, the mobile application meets and facilitates all types of player needs. To commemorate the new release, 3 new crash games are added to amplify the gaming experience on BTC365.


BTC365 is a global gaming brand that is thriving with satisfied players all over the world. Licensed by the Gaming Commission of Montenegro, the casino is operated by industry experts with over 10 years of experience. Recognizing the value of its customers, BTC365 is a casino that keeps on giving, consistently offering its players the most competitive odds with the best rewards. With the rewarding VIP system, players can enjoy benefits that become more rewarding with each new VIP level. On top of that, every player is treated as a valued partner on BTC365, the platform shares its revenue with players around the world by contributing a share of game revenue into a Token Pool. Players can earn crypto from the ever-growing Token Pool, now at a staggering $11 million USDT by actively playing BTC365. Each valid bet generates a BTC365 token that players can accumulate and trade cryptos from the Token Pool.

With the recent updates and revamped outlook, BTC365 welcomes everyone aboard for an exciting, smooth and fair gaming experience.

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