Calix continues to raise the bar for the industry

Calix, Inc. (NYXE: CALX) announces that it has won the 2022 Best Marketing Award from the Broadband Multimedia Marketing Association (BMMA). 2022 marks an unprecedented fifth consecutive year that Calix has won the award. This year’s award recognizes Calix’s unique market enablement program, specifically designed to help increase marketing efficiency and effectiveness for even the smallest broadband service provider (BSP). The market activation program enables broadband marketing teams to generate world-class marketing materials personalized with their brand, and that of no one else. Combined with transformational data and insights from Calix Marketing Cloud (Marketing Cloud) and industry-tailored training from Broadband Marketing Academy, Calix enables BSPs of all sizes to reduce time-to-market and cost-to-market by more than by 50%. Most importantly, the program enables BSPs to communicate an exciting new value proposition centered around innovative solutions that rival or surpass offerings from consumer giants.

The market activation program was developed with input from the company’s illustrious group of Calix Hall of Fame broadband marketers from BSPs such as SCTelcom, ALLO, Norvado Communications and Silver Star. Broadband service providers that work with Calix hold above-average Net Promoter Scores (NPS), some above 90, in an industry notorious for low subscriber satisfaction. Members of the Calix Hall of Fame, who also contribute to the Broadband Marketing Academy program, represent the company’s commitment to partnering with its customers to develop innovative solutions that help BSPs:

  • Engage more subscribers with sophisticated content personalized under the BSP brand. A major feature of the market activation program is its sophisticated content, produced in partnership with award-winning comedian Gerry Dee. Broadband marketers can easily personalize these videos and other marketing materials under their own brand to drive higher engagement among subscribers.
  • Accelerate learning and get to market faster. Calix is ​​the only institution enhancing the skills of broadband marketing teams to accelerate learning and get to market faster with the Broadband Marketing Academy. It supports the market activation program by teaching BSPs how to transparently engage their subscribers and increase the return on their marketing investments. Courses cover marketing strategies and tactics for digital, email, social media, mobile, and more, empowering teams of all sizes to create rich subscriber experiences.
  • Leverage data and insights to strategically deploy world-class content. Marketing Cloud, which integrates with Facebook, Mailchimp, and HubSpot, helps BSPs adapt their approach to speaking to their subscribers and reposition themselves with new services. Then, the Market Activation Program makes it easy for any BSP marketing team to create world-class marketing materials to communicate increased subscriber value for a fraction of their budgets.

“Our partnership with Calix has completely transformed our value proposition,” said Wendy Crenner, SCTelcom’s Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer and Calix Hall of Fame Broadband Marketer. “The Market Activation Program gives us an incredible advantage by allowing us to quickly create highly engaging, world-class content, such as Gerry Dee’s videos, that promote the value of our services to our subscribers in the South Central. of Kansas and north-central Oklahoma. Our team also derives great value from the Broadband Academy courses, which give us industry-specific skills and allow us to see a greater return on investment from our marketing.

Last year, BMMA recognized Calix for the launch of its GigaSpire® BLAST u4 System product. The BMMA 2022 Best in Class Marketing Award recognizes teams and companies that demonstrate innovation and excellence in bringing broadband services to market.

“It is an honor to be recognized for innovation in broadband marketing by the BMMA for the fifth consecutive year,” said Matt Collins, Chief Marketing Officer, Calix. “For BSPs to win in their markets over the long term, they must prioritize their brand, and their brand alone. We are delighted to see a growing number of our customers taking advantage of the market activation program’s sophisticated turnkey assets. This content helps them launch successful marketing campaigns that don’t watch like they cost a million dollars. Our partnership with Hall of Fame Broadband Marketers like Wendy informs new ways for all BSPs to increase subscriber loyalty and get a higher ROI for every marketing dollar spent.

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