Social Media

Tesla driverless videos on social networks

It was a boozy ride captured for TikTok with a soundtrack provided by Justin Bieber and with a Tesla serving as “designated driver” for the night. In the short video, three young men are shown dancing in their seats, beers nearby, as the vehicle travels on the freeway near other …

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The future of politics is social media

Airi-Alina Allaste, guest researcher funded by the Kone Foundation, survey of youth political participation via social media. As a research subject, Airi-Alina Allaste focuses on TikTok and municipal elections in Finland and Estonia. Currently, Allaste collects data on Finnish municipal elections. In mid-October, local elections will also take place in …

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Mom educates social media after interracial adoption

This adoptive mother uses social media to show that a family is like someone else’s family, even though they are biologically related. The Jones and Baldwin families welcomed Princeton up for adoption and into a loving family when Princeton was born. It distresses me when people wonder why I adopted …

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