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Changes in privacy best practices are causing email marketers to rethink how they organize themselves and especially how they measure the success of their programs.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was launched in Europe in 2018, but it has had a global influence on how tech companies approach the issue of online data privacy. Apple is the latest and most influential company to revisit its approach to privacy, and many marketers are not happy with it.

In the latest update, iOS 15, which launched in September 2021, email privacy updates are making waves in the marketing community. One of the key features launched allows users to make a choice about protecting the privacy of their email. They are offered a choice: “protect messaging activity” or “do not protect messaging activity”.

If you choose “protect”, Apple will upload all the content of the emails you receive to a proxy server for security and privacy reasons. The download will trigger the sender’s email tracking code and mark the email as open before it is opened.

This update only affects Apple email users, so it’s worth checking out what proportion of your mailing list is using it – it can be as high as 40%.

In practice, as privacy updates begin to roll out across large tech companies, the importance we place on different email metrics is changing.

Charities can adapt to the changing world of email marketing by generating new email registrations, encouraging them and focusing on their engagement with a variety of content and calls to action.

Make signing up for your list easy and useful

How easy is it for someone to opt out of receiving emails on your website? Ideally, there should be a short button or form on your homepage or a pop-up window. If you use a short form or a button, the words or phrases you use should tell your audience the benefit of joining your list, for example. find out how your support is changing lives.

You can also entice website visitors to join your list by offering them something in return. Lead magnets are a proven marketing tactic to encourage mailing list subscriptions.

Essentially, a master magnet is something you give away for free in exchange for someone joining your list. The first step is to think about the audience you are targeting and the issues they come to you for.

The main magnet should immediately help them with some aspect of their problem and encourage them to sign up for emails so that you can help them even more.

How about a quiz that tests how well they know the signs and symptoms of a health problem or the people with the power to make a difference on climate change? You can also use checklists, eBooks, and exclusive webinars or videos designed to meet some of your audience’s needs to encourage them to sign up.

When someone makes the decision to sign up, they should receive the main magnet in their welcome email – the start of their email journey with you.

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