Chennai Police must quickly launch its website

The Tamil Nadu Information Commission has ordered Greater Chennai Police to promptly launch an exclusive website and publish details of its officials, police stations, jurisdiction, map, etc.

Passing orders on a petition asking for traffic information on the road from Chamiers to Nandanam, State Information Commissioner S. Muthuraj said there was only one site web for Tamil Nadu Police which also did not comply with the provisions of Section 4 of the Right to Information Act.

While other authorities like Greater Chennai Corporation had an exclusive website apart from the state government website, Greater Chennai Police and its traffic wing did not have a separate website to provide information to the population.

Mr Muthuraj referred to Maharashtra and West Bengal where Mumbai Police and Kolkata Police had their own websites to provide information on each police station, contact details of police officers in charge of the police station , etc

Easily accessible information

Citing the provisions of Articles 3 and 4 of the RTI Act which explain citizens’ right to information and the obligation of public authorities to provide such information, the State Information Commissioner said that “all information should be widely disseminated and in a form and manner readily accessible to the public.”

Citing the law further, he said that “all material should be disseminated taking into account cost-effectiveness, the local language and the most effective method of communication in that local area and the information should be easily accessible, to the extent practicable in electronic form. , from the central public information officer or state public information officer, as appropriate, available free of charge or at media or cost price printing that may be prescribed.

Mr. Muthuraj ordered the Public Information Officer of Greater Chennai Police to establish a website without delay in accordance with the provisions of the law and publish information regarding relevant police stations, a map, contact details of officials of the police, apart from online services offered to individuals.

Responding to the question raised by R. Natrajan, a researcher, the Commission ordered the PIO to release details relating to the “free left” in bus line no. 471 within the limits of the Society. “The public authority also indicates the measures taken to smooth and smooth traffic on these roads. The mission statement of the Tamil Nadu Police promises to facilitate safe and smooth use of the road by the citizen and according to the RTI Act, every citizen has the right to know this information,” Mr. Muthuraj said.

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