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Regarding the recent article, “Former Senate Speaker Sweeney Warns NJ With Multi-Year Spending Forecast During Return Visit to Statehouse”:

Stephen Sweeney is now on the stump trying to convince anyone, anyone, that he is still relevant in South Jersey politics.

Last November, voters told him otherwise when he lost his Senate seat in the 3rd Legislative District.

Sweeney wants us to believe that he saw the light, that he had a coming to Jesus moment after his stunning loss, and that he has the solution to solve New Jersey’s financial problems. And, this comes after he has held public office for how many years?

Can you imagine Sweeney’s reaction if he was re-elected and a losing candidate held a press conference to tell him how he should do HIS job?

Next time skip the photoshoot. Sweeney should fill out contact forms on government websites with all his wonderful ideas and send them to our elected officials – “elected” being the key word. I bet no one in Trenton asked for Sweeney’s opinion or that of the think tank (“The Steve Sweeney Center for Public Policy”) he created after his defeat.

Rowan University, which hosts the think tank, has an ethical obligation to publicly disclose what, if any, of its revenue is used to fund the center. Student tuition fees and COVID-19 relief funds the university has received should be banned. If Rowan can’t account for her expenses, maybe she doesn’t need all the taxes she gets. Using taxpayers’ money for political purposes — like helping a supposed 2025 gubernatorial candidate with publicity — should be banned, especially when Rowan has students who need it so badly that he created a food bank on campus.

Our tax dollars should and could be better spent. It’s a lesson Sweeney didn’t learn when he was a public office holder, which is why “Senator” is no longer in front of his name.

Carol Rhodes, Barnsboro

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