Confusion over booster shots as NHS website allows people over 30 to reserve third doses of covid vaccine early

People in their 30s have found they can book their booster shot now before the rollout of third doses of the Covid vaccine officially opens for those under 40.

Ministers have promised all adults over 18 will be offered a booster by the end of January, and NHS England has pledged bookings will be open to all over 30 by December 13.

The government has yet to announce that a third dose of the vaccine is available for the 30-39 age group, and the NHS website says only people over 40 and younger with certain health problems may reserve their booster injection.

But there have been a large number of social media users in their 30s who can reserve their jabs, and several checks by The independent Saturday night, people over 30 were offered slots.

The locations were found after entering an NHS number, date of birth and whether or not the person in question was ‘identified as having a weakened immune system’ at the time of their first and second jabs.

On the next page, the NHS website states when he is eligible for a jab: ‘You can now make an appointment. When making your reservation, only the appointments for the vaccines recommended to you will be offered. This is based on the answers you gave us and your vaccination record. When you show up for your appointment, staff will ask you additional screening questions to make sure you receive a recommended vaccine.

The independent noted that the appointments for the third jabs were available as of Sunday.

Availability varied depending on the geographic area searched and whether or not the person booking had a need for access – such as a step-free entrance, sign language, and parking for people with disabilities.

A number of people on social media have announced that they have been able to book their third jab, also noting that the government has yet to announce the inclusion of their age group.

An NHS spokesperson said The independent its computer system had “booted up a little earlier today to prepare for” Monday’s launch.

Some people on Twitter have reported that anyone over 18 can book their jabs now, but testing byThe independent could not reproduce this.

The government’s push to vaccinate more people comes as its scientific advisers have warned that tighter Covid restrictions may be needed to prevent the omicron variant from becoming mainstream.

The omicron variant is believed to be more transmissible than the previous delta variant, but doctors have so far reported that omicron’s symptoms are milder in comparison.

But experts urged caution until more facts about the new variant are established.

Government science advisers have warned that the death toll could range from 25,000 – in the ‘best case’ – to 75,000 – in the ‘worst case – in England over the next five months if he does not. There are no other restrictions imposed on the British.

Experts from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), who also sit on the Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Modeling (SPI-M) or the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (Sage), predicted a large wave of infections in January. .

Dr Rosanna Barnard, who co-led the research that developed the modeling, said: “Mask wear, social distancing and booster jabs are essential, but may not be enough.”

But, in response to the warnings, the government said vaccines and boosters continued to be the “best line of defense” against the virus.

A government spokesperson said: “We continue to take a close look at all emerging data.

“We have been clear throughout that vaccines and life-saving boosters are our best line of defense against this virus and that is why we are urging people to come forward as soon as possible as soon as they become eligible.

“Plan B remains a proportionate response based on what we know, so we encourage everyone to follow the rules by wearing a face covering, working from home if you can, testing regularly and showing up for your. callback when called. “

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