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Liftoff, a mobile marketing platform, has released its 2022 Shopping Apps Report, which was produced in partnership with attribution provider Singular. The report examined key trends among mobile shoppers in the so-called post-ATT (Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency Framework) market.

The companies’ researchers analyzed 182 billion ad impressions and 2.4 billion clicks from 16.5 million app installs during a 12-month period ending in May. The findings revealed that “mobile shopping shows no signs of slowing despite consumers returning to physical stores,” the report’s authors noted. “According to the data, mobile continues to be a preferred source for many shoppers, driving a steady increase in app installs primarily from paid traffic.”

Jeremy Bondy, CEO of Liftoff, said app-based shopping “has become more important since the start of the pandemic. Mobile shopping is the new normal and allows people to easily browse and shop from the comfort of anywhere. Despite the pressure to return to in-person retail, there is still strong momentum behind mobile shopping, and we will continue to see this trend for the foreseeable future. »

The report notes that ITAs (install-to-action) have also shown “a steady increase as more users adopt app-based purchases due to the pandemic.” ITAs occur when buyers install a specific app for the purpose of buying something. The report says mobile marketers are “getting promising results with new audiences as the pandemic has made mobile a go-to channel for shopping.” The companies said ITA purchases increased over the 12-month period and have leveled off since, “showing that users continue to install mobile apps and make significant purchases.”

Susan Kuo, chief operating officer and co-founder of Singular, said the company is optimistic its report will provide mobile marketers “with the right insights and tools to succeed.” In the ever-changing mobile marketing industry, prioritizing engagement and relevance with users when ad targeting has proven to lead to high conversion and retention rates. »

The report’s authors said the release of ATT in April 2021 “has made it significantly more difficult for advertisers to target and personalize their campaigns across iOS ad networks, forcing mobile marketers to pivot and adhere to guidelines. Privacy Tracker Updates”. As a result, in this new landscape, “many marketers have succeeded with paid traffic,” the report says, as 70-80% of new app installs (from high-growth apps) came from traffic. paying throughout 2021.

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