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Google Phone is a default phone app for the Pixel smartphone and also for Android One smartphones. But other smartphones can also install it from the Google Play Store since Google has made it available for free. It comes with a bunch of features, including customizable messages for rejected calls, and here we have a little guide on that.

When you receive a call with the Google Phone app as the default phone app, you can decline the call with an answer. This option has a bunch of default messages that you can send to the caller. You can choose from the default ones or define your own personalized messages.

Customize quick response messages for declining calls

If your phone does not have the Phone app as the default dialer app, you can download it from the Google Play Store. Once downloaded, launch the app and set it as the default phone app on your phone. Once configured, follow the guide below to customize call rejection messages in the Google Phone app.

Steps to Customize Messages for Declined Calls in Google Phone

  1. Start the Google phone the application and access the Settings and press the Three points menu in the upper right corner and select Settings.
  2. Find it Fast Answers in settings and there you will see a list of all default messages.
  3. Press one of the fast responses from the list and a text editor will open.
  4. Clear the default answer in the pop-up editor and enter your own custom a message and press OK.

Bonus tip: smart answer

You can also set up smart reply messages so you don’t have to type message replies every time. These smart responses are predefined by Google so that you can set them for emergency purposes. Here’s how to define smart response:

1. Open Google Messages on your phone.

2. Now tap on the three dot menu at the top right corner.

3. From there, select Settings.

4. Now tap Chat Suggestions and then turn on the toggle next to Smart Reply.

That’s it. Now you can send a reply without even typing a message just by tapping on a smart reply which includes texts like Looks awesome !, Thanks, Hello, etc.


This way you can personalize the messages for the rejected calls. Now whenever you get a call, you can tap the answer option on the call screen and the message will appear. For more Google Phone tips and tricks like this, you can follow us on the social media pages to stay up to date.

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