Danger: Such WhatsApp-YouTube apps will destroy the phone, secretly take photos, also listen to things

There is a big threat hanging over Android users and that danger is fake apps. If you are also an Android user, you should also pay attention. Indeed, fake apps have always been a major threat to Android users and this time Meta has issued a red alert for Android phone and tablet users about a new creepy malware lurking in apps. popular like WhatsApp and YouTube. . Meta revealed in its recent quarterly Adversarial Threat Report 2022 that new Dracaries malware is being injected into cloned versions of these popular apps. Not only WhatsApp and YouTube, but other instant messaging apps such as Signal, Telegram and custom chat apps are also targeted by online criminals.

The latest report revealed that Drakaries malware, named after Game of Thrones Battle Cry for Dragons, was deployed by hacking group Bitter APT. This hacking group has carried out attacks in many countries, including Britain, New Zealand, India, and Pakistan. Meta said in the report, “We discovered that Bitter was using a new family of custom Android malware that we named DraCaries. Specifically, it uses accessibility services, which is the Android operating system to help users with disabilities. There is a feature.

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How dangerous is this Android malware?
The Dracarys malware is called dangerous for a reason! The malware strain helps hackers steal users’ personal information. The malware is capable of stealing user’s call logs, contact information, files, SMS, geo-location as well as device details. Moreover, this malware is also capable of taking incognito photos and activating the microphone of the Android device and installing apps without the user’s knowledge. The most dangerous part is that malware can also bypass security checks and evade detection by the antivirus system.

All you can do to protect yourself from this malware attack is to avoid downloading unofficial or fake apps for services like WhatsApp, YouTube, Telegram, Signal, or downloading such apps from sites Third Party APK Web. Experts have advised Android users to make sure that they download the official app from the Google Play Store.

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