Digital Marketing Company Datazapp Launches Innovative Platform

Ormond Beach, FloridaDirect marketing firm launched a 24/7 platform where candidates and campaign managers build targeted audiences who have donated to Political Action Committees (PACs), with the electronic information , telephone and postal services necessary to reach them. Datazapp also offers targeted lists of registered voters. is committed to helping applicants and campaigns of all sizes achieve their fundraising goals and gain grassroots support. Datazapp’s unparalleled data and political experience gives a marketing advantage to campaigns that may not have the nearly unlimited resources large campaigns have.

The audience for political donors is segmented by amount and date of contribution, party affiliation, committee or host candidate, type of election, year of election, etc. With these targeting options, candidates and campaigns can easily identify a loyal audience and send relevant communication.

Datazapp sources through a variety of public channels and enriches data using premium phone, email and demographic append services from USPS CASS & NCOA and Datazapp.

The Political Donor Database contains 22 million unique donors and over 200 million individual contribution transactions dating back to the 2012 election cycle. Major committees include Actblue, with 75 million transactions, and WinRed, with 25 million transactions. .

Tapping into these audiences of campaign contributors has proven to be effective in finding critical financial backers for the more than 100 campaigns Datazapp has supported.

How campaigns use political donor data

Email addresses, phone numbers, and postal information included in Datazapp’s political donor lists are used for email campaigns, telemarketing, texting (SMS), direct mail, and door-to-door sales. Another popular use is social media targeting, for example through “personalized ad audiences” on Facebook and Instagram.

Political campaigns, action committees and advocacy groups use data from political donors to raise funds and promote their cause. But these audiences are also used by nonprofit organizations.

The 2020 election was one of the most controversial election cycles of all time. Democrats and Republicans have attracted billions of dollars in political fundraisers and spent millions on digital marketing campaigns. With the COVID pandemic, in-person awareness has declined. Campaigns have therefore turned to data-driven marketing approaches for their outreach efforts and will continue in the upcoming midterm elections.

Today’s political campaigns use email marketing, text messages (SMS), and telemarketing campaigns to rally their base and solicit contributions. Datazapp has highly targeted data allowing candidates to quickly and easily feed their digital marketing reach.

Currently, Datazapp offers political donor lists with email addresses or cell numbers for just three cents per record, with more discounts available for high volume orders.

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