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Duo Security, the two-factor authentication provider for the University of Minnesota, will update the mobile app UI for Android and iOS in October 2021.

  • Android: October 11 to 15
  • iOS: October 11-18

Depending on your device settings, your mobile app will update automatically or you will need to manually initiate the update once it becomes available.

Please note: Older operating systems that are no longer supported may not be able to upgrade to the new version. If your phone can no longer accept Duo push, You can contact Technological aid to request a Duo token.

What will be different?

Current users

People who already use Duo’s mobile app will notice a new look. Other notable differences include:

Approval button moved to the right.

In older mobile versions of Duo, the green “approve” checkmark button appeared on the left. In the new version (4.0.0) the approval check mark button will be on the right. Duo made this change to align with the user experience and design of other similar apps.

Secret code hidden.

If you are using the mobile app to get a Duo access code, note that the access code will be hidden until you click “show”. This change is intended to improve information security by allowing you to ensure that your mobile device screen cannot be seen by others when the passcode appears.

The Duo secret code is hidden on a mobile device.  Word "spectacle" is circled.

New users

New Duo users will enjoy an improved registration experience in the new version. Helpful tips will make it easier to register and add a device.

Tips for effective use of Duo.

At U, we use Duo to protect our personal information as well as University systems and data. Get tips on using Duo to reduce effort, save money, secure access to systems, and protect your personal information.

Self-help and assistance

If you have any questions about using Duo, the Technology Help website has a self-help guide on setting up and using Duo. If you need help, contact Tech Help.

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