EarthSnap launches groundbreaking app to identify all types of plants and animal species on Earth

TELLURIDE, Col., August 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — EarthSnapa one-of-a-kind application, allows users to identify all types of plant and animal species on Earth through a mobile phone’s camera, encouraging users to discover and document the natural world around them. EarthSnap is citizen science in action: When users upload photos of plants or animals to EarthSnap, the app uses a custom, patent-pending AI machine learning solution to identify the subject and share details such as habitat, global population distribution and known history on Earth. These uploaded photos also contribute to EarthSnap’s ever-growing database – whose applications include recording animal migration patterns, changing habitats and animal behavior. This information will be open-source and shared with citizens and the scientific community – it will not be sold or privatized.

EarthSnap, by, exemplifies global community education at the intersection of nature and technology. EarthSnap’s philosophy is rooted in promoting a better understanding of the planet we call home: “My goal has always been to bring people back to nature, to help them realize that humanity is part of nature, and not “apart” from nature.” said Eric Ralls, Founder and CEO of EarthSnap. “Homosapiens are just one species among the more than 8 million living species with which we share this planet. Yet humanity treats the earth as if it were its own to do with it as it pleases. , even though we’ve only been here a few hundred thousand years out of the 3.5 billion years that this beautiful blue marble has crossed the universe.”

EarthSnap is an app for intentional engagement with the world around us, enhanced by community learning and sharing. “A lot of people with phones spend their busy free time with that phone rather than with nature, never stopping to ‘smell the flowers,'” Ralls says. “Rather than trying to take people away from their phones and open them up to the world, EarthSnap brings nature into their phones and gives users the best of both worlds.” Modern science indicates that time in nature is an activity that reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and improves mood and that more people should incorporate into their daily lives, whether they live in cities or suburbs, rural tropical oases or bustling metropolitan areas. Nature is all around us wherever we go; EarthSnap is here to help humans remember that we are just one species within the immense biodiversity of life on planet Earth.

EarthSnap offers a social community: Earthchat. It connects users with other earth-conscious people from all corners of the globe and allows users to promote their eco-friendly organizations and causes to the global EarthSnap community through mobile-friendly forums and streams. . EarthChat offers hundreds of vibrant online communities focused on earth, environment and nature related topics.

EarthSnap is a tool to educate the user about the living world around him. Free download from AppleStore and Google Playstore. Subscription level and premium features available.


SOURCEEarthSnap, Inc.

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