Employee Protection Boost as SMC Expands Monitoring Services with CriticalArc’s SafeZone Technology

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Grow your portfolio with SafeZone and SMC

Grow your portfolio with SafeZone and SMC

Integrators can now offer customers enhanced lone worker protection and multi-function “safety everywhere” services through SMC

Building on our reliable 24/7 monitoring services, we are delighted that our business partners can now offer our customers ‘Safety Everywhere’ protection with SafeZone technology.”

—Colin Walters, Managing Director, SMC

LONDON, UK, Sept. 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — A first-of-its-kind partnership between CriticalArc and Security Monitoring Centers (SMCs) will provide system integrators and their customers with powerful new options for personnel protection, communications, engagement and well-being.

The two companies have confirmed an agreement that sees SMC expand its SIA-NSI accredited 24/7/365 monitoring services with the addition of CriticalArc’s advanced SafeZone capabilities. SafeZone makes it easy for organizations to connect with their employees wherever they work – whether they’re based remotely, working alone in the community, traveling for business, or on-site.

SMC customers will also benefit from seamless upgrade options that go beyond traditional lone worker protection to advanced real-time response and team coordination, vehicle tracking, tip reporting, tools welfare, mass and targeted communications and emergency management capabilities. The technology is already trusted by millions of users worldwide in industries such as education, transportation, healthcare and critical infrastructure, transforming the way organizations respond to incidents and enabling them to deliver their Safety Everywhere™ employees, wherever there is a duty of care.

SMC is one of the longest running fully accredited monitoring service providers in the UK, with highly trained teams providing reassurance to customers 24/7/365, through its network of Alarm Receiving Centers (ARCs) .

Now, with the addition of SafeZone technology, SMC’s system integrator partners will provide customers with the assurance of faster, more targeted responses to emergency situations without relying on traditional proprietary hardware solutions for lone workers. This will provide protection for people in virtually any location, the ability for staff to use a recording timer and fall detection when working in high-risk environments, and access to help routine 24/7 at the touch of a button on a smartphone. or portable device.

“Building on our reliable 24/7 monitoring services, we are delighted that our business partners can now offer our customers ‘Safety Everywhere’ protection with SafeZone technology,” said Colin Walters of SMC. “Our clients are looking for new ways to create more supportive work cultures while upholding their duty of care to all of their employees. CriticalArc’s SafeZone is a transformative solution that enables them to achieve this goal regardless of geography.

Darren Chalmers-Stevens, Chief Operating Officer, CriticalArc, said the partnership will benefit SMC’s system integrator partners and their end-user customers, and provide increased security for thousands of employees in the workplace, as well as to staff working remotely or on the move:

“SafeZone, now available through SMC Monitoring, offers UK organizations outsourced monitoring and response services with greater capabilities than ever before.”

For more information about CriticalArc and SafeZone, go to www.criticalarc.com and to contact SMC, go to www.smc-net.co.uk.
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About SMC

SMC has been a leader in security monitoring for over 80 years. The secret to our longevity is our ability to continually innovate, deliver and care for our clients, their customers and their employees. We push boundaries and set high standards to keep people and buildings safe with innovative solutions for all your fire monitoring, security, personal safety, remote support and CCTV services. By using the latest technology and serving our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, we have earned an enviable reputation for reliability and resilience – while always providing the best care and service to our customers. www.smc-net.co.uk email [email protected] or call us on 0844 879 1702 opt 1.

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About CriticalArc
CriticalArc provides SafeZone®, the unified safety, security and emergency management solution that helps large enterprises keep their people safe and respond more effectively to critical incidents so they can fulfill their duty of care and mitigate risk . SafeZone fundamentally transforms the ability to manage personal safety, security and emergency situations so organizations can respond faster and more effectively to protect their most important asset, their people. With real-time visualization, communications and response coordination, SafeZone streamlines operations, is easy to use and quick to deploy. For more information about CriticalArc and SafeZone, visit www.criticalarc.com, email [email protected] or call +44 (0) 800 368 9876.

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