Enmarket reduces customer touch points in its stores via a new mobile application

SAVANNAH, GA – Enmarket has released a new mobile app that focuses on reducing customer touch points inside stores.

The app’s mobile payment option allows customers to pay for fuel or merchandise in-store directly and securely, eliminating the need to touch the PIN pad or swipe a card.

As an alternative contactless option, customers can bypass the cash register entirely using the app’s Scan and Go technology, powered by Skip Checkout. This feature allows buyers to scan products using their smartphone and pay for the purchase directly from the app.

Mobile payment and Scan and Go are fully integrated with Enmarket’s Enjoy Rewards loyalty program, allowing customers to earn points and redeem rewards regardless of the type of transaction.

“Enmarket is dedicated to innovative technology that promotes convenience for our customers,” said Enmarket President Brett Giesick. “Our new app continues this tradition. Customers can leave their credit card in their wallet – or at home – and pay directly from our app without worrying about security. It also enhances the benefits of our loyalty program, Enjoy Rewards, so that our customers save money and time. “

In addition to offering contactless payment options, the app includes features such as finding the nearest Enmarket location, viewing current fuel prices, checking Enjoy Rewards points balance and Track progress on frequency clubs and fuel rewards. App users can also sign up for enPay, Enmarket’s exclusive payment card that saves 10 cents a gallon on fuel.

According to Enmarket, Enjoy Rewards members receive exclusive in-app coupons not available anywhere else, including valid offers with age restrictions on tobacco and alcohol.

Savannah-based Enmarket operates 129 convenience stores, 14 quick service restaurants and two quick service restaurants in Georgia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

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