Environics Analytics Launches All-New ClickScapes Database ClickScapes Delivers New View of Canadians’ Digital Behavior by Capturing Visitors and Visits to Mobile Apps and Individual Websites

TORONTO, Aug 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Environics Analytics (EA) today announced the release of its latest database, ClickScapes. This revolutionary product captures up-to-date visitors and visits to thousands of mobile apps and websites to help organizations identify trends, target all channels, and keep tabs on the competition. This data is updated weekly and available for standard and custom markets down to the neighborhood level to enhance existing web analytics and enrich information.

The ClickScapes database is categorized by businesses and interests, including travel, financial planning, education, arts and entertainment, shopping, and more. In addition to other EA numeric variables included in Opticks databases powered by Vividata, Numeris and AskingCanadians, ClickScapes leverages billions of data points to help analysts:

  • Learn the behaviors of websites and applications – Use existing data with ClickScapes to understand website and app visit behaviors. Without customer data, take advantage of MobileScapes by selecting a preferred location to aggregate visiting behaviors from that location to websites, apps, and categories of interest
  • Monitor weekly and monthly trends – Track your own trends, those of competitors and category visits and see how different populations stack up against overall trends in Canada
  • Profile of website and app visitors – Develop a deeper understanding of visitors to own website and applications, as well as those of competitors by connecting ClickScapes to PRIZM and DemoStats
  • Plan for omnichannel media execution – Target based on audience media preferences, improve digital media buying decisions and monitor campaign impacts week by week
  • Access detailed trends and profile data for any defined geographic area – Analyze the digital behavior of personalized catchment areas down to the neighborhood level

“We are very pleased to announce this breakthrough in big data mining,” said Jan Kestle, president and founder of Environics Analytics. “Moving from annual updates to weekly and monthly trends is essential for data-driven decision making. This innovative work allows marketers to better understand online and offline behavior at this critical time. “

Developed using anonymized and aggregated data, both on mobile and home internet behavior, as well as DemoStats demographics, PRIZM segmentation, and EA models, ClickScapes is Big Data mined and standardized to using benchmarking data, AI, and data science best practices. The result is consistent, reliable and local trend information.

ClickScapes is easily accessible through EA’s audited, secure and privacy-friendly ecosystem and can be delivered through EA’s platform, ENVISION. Within ENVISION, these data are updated monthly with weekly breaks, and annually with quarterly breaks. The product is also available through project work through EA analysts.

Working with more than 100 partners in Canada, Environics Analytics continues to create mission-critical data – informing decisions, from insight to activation and attribution to ROI. ClickScapes makes precision marketing campaigns accessible, easier and better for advertisers, agencies and publishers.

For more information on the all new ClickScapes database, please contact us at [email protected]

About Environics Analytics
Environics Analytics (EA) is Canada’s leading marketing and analytics services company, helping thousands of clients across all industry sectors turn data and analytics into strategy, ideas and results. Established in 2003, we specialize in using cutting-edge data, analytical expertise, and software specifically designed to address key challenges in areas such as consumer profiling and segmentation, planning and execution. multi-channel media, business area analysis, merchandising strategies and site location. decision making. Our ENVISION platform provides fast and easy access to our comprehensive and privacy-compliant databases, including the latest mobile motion data. Environics Analytics is owned by Bell Canada. Learn more at www.environicsanalytics.com

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