Face aging phone app helps man find his long lost father


A man has found his long-lost father after using a facial aging app on an old photo to see what he looks like now.

Everaldo Germano do Nascimento, 51, a Brazilian who had not seen his father for more than 30 years, reunited with Geraldo Serafim do Nascimento, 73, with the help of his wife, who published the result of the application on social networks.

48-year-old hairstylist Eliana Almeida Nascimento posted an old photo of Geraldo when he was 20 online, and the picture of what he might look like now depending on the phone feature that ages his face.

The photos came to acquaintances of Geraldo in Bertioga, who made contact with family members and helped them set up a surprise reunion.

Everaldo Germano do Nascimento, 51, reuniting with his father, Geraldo Serafim do Nascimento, 73. Source: Newsflash / Australscope

Geraldo was filmed kissing his son during the emotional rally in the southeastern state of Sao Paulo on May 15.

“What touched me was the hug he gave me. When I asked if he had a brother, he said his name, and when I asked for the names of his kids, he talked about all of us, “Everaldo, a construction worker, told the G1 news site.

“The guy [next to him] Said I was his eldest son, he dropped it all in his hands and hugged me.

“I’ve never had a hug like this, a hug from a father who has felt his son’s absence for years.”

Geraldo also first met his grandchildren at the reunion, after which his relatives took him for a haircut and lunch.

The family is from the northeastern state of Paraiba.

However, when Everaldo’s parents separated, his mother went to Rio de Janeiro and his father went to Guaruja and Sao Paulo, respectively.

The couple’s children went to live with relatives, Everaldo being looked after by his grandmother.

The image of Geraldo at the age of 20 and the aging of his face resulting in what he would look like now.  Source: Newsflash / Australscope

The photos came to acquaintances of Geraldo in Bertioga, who made contact with family members and helped them set up a surprise reunion. Source: Newsflash / Australscope

He was only 14 when he last saw his father, who visited him a few times after moving south.

Everaldo now lives in the city of Sao Paulo in the southeastern state of the same name.

He started looking for his father 24 years ago.

However, he stopped looking for him after hearing a rumor that he was dead. It was his wife who encouraged him to resume research more recently.

Geraldo was discovered to live on a humble ranch, and his newly connected parents hope to help him achieve a better quality of life and even plan to take him to Sao Paulo for a while.

“Thank God it all paid off, we are very happy, everyone likes him a lot,” Everaldo told G1.


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