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Quick fix for links error message when using Facebook mobile

Earlier this year, Facebook quietly implemented changes regarding opening links. When using the Facebook mobile app, users no longer have the ability to open Facebook links, for example, in third-party browsers or external websites, including Four States Homepage.

This means that if you were to click a link to a Facebook URL in an article on the Four States home page or on another non-Facebook website through the Facebook mobile app, an error message would be displayed.

But there is a way around it. To open these links through the Facebook mobile app (on iPhone), long press the link, then select “Open link”. This will open the link in your phone’s browser, such as Safari.

Otherwise, you can simply open the website that includes the link directly in your phone’s browser to work around the problem. You can also use Facebook directly on your phone’s browser or on a laptop / desktop.

On Android, clicking the link should automatically take you to your phone’s browser.

While the reason for the change is unknown, it is rumored to be related to Google’s phasing out of third-party cookies for tracking web browsing.

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