Fact Check: Did David Bowie predict the rise of social media influence and the rise of far-right governments in 1999? Here is the truth of the video Simi Garewal shared on Twitter

With everything going viral quickly on social media, we often forget to verify whether a piece of information is true or not. To be precise, we have seen incidents in the past where an image or video is not what it appears to be. Well, something very similar happened recently when a video went viral on social media claiming it features the late singer-songwriter David Bowie. The same clip was also shared by talk show host Simi Garewal. However, that’s not what it looks like. Fact-check: Images of Katrina Kaif from old commercial with Amitabh Bachchan go viral as images from her Mehendi ceremony.

In the viral video, titled “Newsnight 1999”, we apparently see David Bowie predicting the growing influence of social media and the rise of far-right governments. Simi shared the clip and captioned it as “So Prescient,” which prompted mixed comments telling her it was not an original video. With this we at LastLY went straight to the point and discovered the authenticity of the video. Fact check: Shah Rukh Khan-Gauri Khan’s son Aryan Khan is not urinating in public at an airport.

Check out the tweet here:

Here’s the fact check:

The video that was shared by Simi Garewal turns out to be a parody video of a satirist. In fact, Simi herself mentioned that she knew the clip wasn’t OG. So with that we can say that the latest clip circulating online is wrong because the person in the video is Michael Spicer.

Even the comedian had shared the video on Twitter:

Here is the original video:

Well, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen something like this happen. In the old is gold clip, we see David Bowie talking about the impact of the internet on music and society. In a nutshell, David Bowie’s latest video is a parody and nothing else.

Checking the facts

Claim :

A viral video goes around social media claiming David Bowie predicted an increase in social media influence and the rise of far-right government in 1999


Viral video is parody starring Michael Spicer as David Bowie

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