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PlayStation revealed the gameplay for Horizon Forbidden West on May 28, 2021, during PlayStation State of Play. Coming as a sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn, the game features stunning graphics set up in the post-apocalyptic world. However, some fans don’t like what Aloy looks like in the reveal and are arguing across all social media platforms. It is in particular the face of Aloy which is debated. Read on to find out more.

Is Aloy’s face in Horizon Forbidden West different?

When the gameplay was revealed, some fans took to social media to express the “ less feminine ” characteristics of the character Aloy. Several images comparing Aloy’s face from Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West have appeared. While some fans claim that the main protagonist’s appearance has changed, some say it’s a simple consequence of the PlayStation 5’s lighting and camera angles.

A tweet from ApexAphaJ drew attention to the social media platform Twitter, causing a backlash among Horizon Forbidden West fans. The tweet says Aloy lacks ‘feminine characteristics’ and looks like ‘Ellie from The Last of Us 2’. However, there are people who claim that only minimal changes are made to the character, giving her a more natural look that suits the post-apocalyptic setting of the game perfectly.

Who plays Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn?

Many readers want to know who plays Aloy in Horizon Zero Dawn. The answer to that question would be Ashly Burch, an American comedian and writer, who will also be voicing the character in the next sequel. Developed by Guerilla Games, Horizon Forbidden West is coming soon to PlayStation 5. As of yet, there is no word on when Horizon Forbidden West will release. In addition, Sony had previously claimed that the game would be available on PlayStation 5 by the end of 2021, after which there would also be a launch on PlayStation 4.

In the recent State of Play, the developers boasted of realistic graphics, full combat controls, and a pinch of storyline. The characters in the game, such as the mechanical animals, or even Aloy herself are very well detailed. The character has expertise in archery and other survival skills, around which the whole story revolves. The full reveal uploaded by Sony is added here.



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