Fort Worth residents warned not to share information via site seeking to “verify” votes – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

Tarrant County officials have advised voters in Fort Worth not to share their information in order to “verify” their vote through a website.

NBC 5 received emails from residents on Friday who received a brochure saying, “Find out if your vote counted in Fort Worth.” and the website aimed to identify any voting irregularities.

The recipient is then prompted to go to a website and confirm their information to ‘check their vote’.

In a press release issued Friday, the Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney’s Office said the leaflet was not sent by the county, county elections office, Tarrant County Republican or Democratic parties. , nor did it come from any known electoral or campaign official.

“Be careful! Be careful before giving someone you don’t know your name, address, email or any other information,” Tarrant County Criminal District Attorney Sharen Wilson said in a press release. “You don’t know what they will do with your information.”

The website asks for information such as a resident’s name, address and zip code to “verify the vote” and also asks people to enter the same information about “family, friends, neighbors and even the deceased, ”Wilson noted.

Heider Garcia, the county’s election administrator, said his office did not know who sent the brochures or why.

“We have no control over the information entered on this site and we don’t know what they might do with that information,” Garcia wrote in an email.

Brian Childers, president of Comport Consulting Group, emailed NBC 5 partners at KRLD to clarify that the website is not sponsored by the Benbrook-based company. Childers said he was asked to reserve the domain name because he had a mechanism to do so easily.

The website is a non-partisan research tool supported by a cross-section of the community, Childers said.

“It uses public data to help Fort Worth residents verify if their May 1, 2021 general election votes were correctly recorded. We encourage all interested citizens who have voted in the general election to use this website and verify that their vote has been recorded. No data is collected by the site unless the person specifically chooses to do so, “Childers wrote in an email.” If you chose not to vote, this site Web will allow you to see if a vote has been assigned to you. No data is collected or provided that is not already publicly available. Electoral integrity is the foundation of democracy and is the only goal of what these people pursue. This effort does not in any way imply that anything other than the highest levels of integrity is employed. This is simply a mechanism designed to validate this for residents of Fort Worth who wish to do so. “

While there is no need to verify the votes, Tarrant County officials have reminded people that they can safely search for their voter information via / voterlookup or by contacting the Tarrant County Elections Office at 817-831-8683 or [email protected]

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