Forum orders reimbursement of Rs 1L for failing to develop website | Hyderabad News

Hyderabad: A district consumer forum here asked an IT company to refund Rs 1 lakh and pay an additional Rs 1 lakh as compensation to a consumer for not developing and delivering the website.
Dr Naveen Nischal, the complainant, claimed that he approached Sri Sai IT Solutions in Kukatpally for their website building services – a multi-user e-commerce site that displays descriptions of agricultural products in English, Telugu and other local languages. Nischal said he reached an agreement with the firm on May 21, 2019 and paid Rs 40,000 as an advance. On August 3, 2019, he said he paid a total of Rs 1 lakh out of Rs 1,26,900, which was full consideration.
He said that even after several months, the company failed to develop the e-commerce website as promised. He said he made several requests, but the firm continued to dodge the matter under one guise or another.
Nischal said he even received a legal notice to the company asking them to return their money. Having no other alternative, the complainant turned to the forum to request reimbursement and compensation.
The opposing party, on the other hand, did not appear before this commission and was fixed ex parte.
From the documentary evidence submitted by the complainant, the forum noticed that even after receiving Rs 1 lakh, the opposing party did not provide the maintenance of the server application software to the complainant as promised.
“The opposing party did not respond even after receiving the legal notice and the summons, this shows its negligence in providing the service to the complainant. This clearly shows a deficiency in service and it is true that it causes more mental agony to the complainant, ”the forum said.
In addition to reimbursement and compensation, Rs 5,000 was awarded for the cost of the complaint.


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