GMA’s George Stephanopoulos breaks social media silence to support wife Ali Wentworth

Ahad Sanwari

George Stephanopoulos hasn’t had much of a social media presence, leaving the majority of his updates for his appearances on hello america.

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The journalist finally ended his more than five-year drought on social media with a message of support for his wife Ali Wentworth and his new book.

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He shared a photo of himself standing with Ali in the CMG studios, where she made an appearance to talk about her book Ali is well that ends well.

“Always fun when @therealaliwentworth stops by the office – #AlisWellThatEndsWell came out TODAY!!!” he captioned his post and fans were abuzz when he returned.

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“Welcome to Instagram @gstephanopoulos!” the official CMG The Instagram handle wrote, with one fan also saying, “Wooohoooo!! You’re back on Instagram and Ali’s book is out!! What a great day!!”

A third commented, “I love this couple! Ali always makes me laugh and makes my day!!!” And one of them also added: “I was glued to my TV during this segment!”

George returned to Instagram to support Ali’s new version

Ali made a hilarious appearance on CMG last episode, constantly joking with her husband, who was simply speechless most of the time.

Throughout the interview, however, no one was having more fun than Robin Robert and Michael Strahanoften left wide open by Ali’s quick-wittedness and his repartee with George.

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Ali also shared that she only let George read her book, based on her experiences during quarantine, just before it was published “for divorce reasons, for legal reasons.”

“It’s because he did one thing with my first book,” she explained. “He said ‘you know what would be really funny?’


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“And I said ‘woahohoh’, I’m not saying ‘you know what would be a better question for Putin?’ So you stay in your lane, mate, and I’ll stay in my lane.”

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