Google Play removes battery-draining Android apps with over 20 million downloads for excessive mobile data usage

San Francisco, October 23: Google Play removed apps with more than 20 million downloads because they used excessive mobile data and drained batteries, according to a report.

According to a report by McAfee, it has identified a new Clicker malware that has intruded into Google Play. A total of 16 apps that were previously on Google Play have been confirmed to have the malicious payload with around 20 million installs. WhatsApp rolls out “avatars” for some beta testers; Users may face minor issues, report says.

“Once the application is opened, it downloads its configuration remotely by executing an HTTP request. Once the configuration is downloaded, it registers the FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging) listener to receive push messages,” McAfee wrote in a post. of blogging.

“At first glance, it appears to be well-designed Android software. However, it hides ad fraud features behind it, armed with remote configuration and FCM techniques,” he added.

Security researchers have informed Google that all identified apps are no longer available on Google Play. Users are also protected by Google Play Protect, which blocks these apps on Android. Google sued in US for ‘discriminatory’ spam filtering practices and political bias.

The malicious code was found on useful utility apps such as Flashlight (Torch), QR readers, camera, unit converters and task managers.

The FCM message contains different types of information, including the function to be called and its parameters.

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