How a USU Website Can Help You Fight Inflation

Logan, Utah – With almost everything in our lives costing more money lately, some financial experts at Utah State University have made all of their resources easier to find.

They created a website dedicated to fighting inflation.

The website is new and the creators have already seen some common concerns and errors.

Gasoline prices have received a lot of attention, but inflation is everywhere and it has affected people like Margaret Hammond.

“Yeah. It was really crazy,” she said. “I have to buy a lot less, I have to stretch more than usual. Things like that.”

Recognizing the problem and making immediate changes is a small but important first step.

“Something else has to give. And it’s more a decision for me, what I value in the future than what I value today,” said certified financial advisor Amanda Christensen.

She said it’s important to track your finances if you don’t already.

“It takes time. It’s not something you can just spend ten minutes on and you’re good at.

Christensen and other Utah State University professors saw good reason to put all their resources in one place.

The new website has tips on saving money, cutting expenses and buying a home, among other topics.

Christensen said, “Things that are flexible, that I can spend less on so that in the future I’m not really surprised by this inflation that’s happening today.”

You don’t have to take all the fun out of your life to save.

Christensen said there’s a big mistake a lot of people are making right now. “The increase in credit card applications, these are kind of through the roof,” she said.

Don’t fund your life to maintain your pre-inflation standard of living.

“With the federal government raising interest rates multiple times this year already, these credit card rates are directly tied to that rate,” Christensen said. “So we will pay more for any debt you incur today. It does not protect your finances from inflation.

Click here if you think the website can help you.

It includes information on webinars, online courses, and group courses.

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