How brands can stand out during the festive sales

Consistent and genuine engagement is the key which is only possible through social media and other online channels

By Ranjan Das

India is a land of festivals. It is also a land of immense opportunities for brands and businesses to take advantage of these festivals and have a greater impact on their audiences. Festivals evoke a lot of emotions, emotions that then lead people to splurge on new things and experiences. No wonder that marketers all over the world are eagerly awaiting the holiday season as they have a lot of possibilities to integrate the different associations of Indian festivals in their brand communication. While the party vibe here is never out of season, it’s this time of year that people look forward to the most.

But with the advent of e-commerce led shopping, the customer is still spoiled for choice. To complicate matters, the endless discounts and different types of sales make the customer seek greater gratification in terms of branded offerings.

So how do we make sure that your brand not only stands out, but also capitalizes on India’s crowded holiday season?

While brands can overthink and overcomplicate this opportunity, the answer is very simple: stick to the basics with a bit of personalization, personalization and innovation in current methods.

The first step is not to hit them during the peak of the season, rather well before the holiday season so as to spark their interest in your brand well before your competition. Showing your customers why they should buy from you regardless of the holiday season, while aligning your offerings with the rush of the holiday season can make you an evergreen brand in the eyes of the customer. To do this, listen to customer expectations throughout the year and during the holiday season, play with the colors, themes and stories associated with the festival for greater personalization. A good example of an evergreen brand would be “Cadbury”. He has always played on the idea of ​​”the joy of giving” and during the holiday season, “Cadbury Celebrations” takes care of making festivals more special with their boxes of chocolates.

As mentioned earlier, start with the basics. Play to your existing strengths while delivering even during the holiday season. Aligning the essence of the festival with that of your brand is a great positioning strategy as customers already recognize you that way and strengthening your role around the festival will only tend to attract customers to your brand. For example, the holiday season in India is incomplete without offering sweets. Brands like “Haldirams” and “Bikanerwala” feature holiday specific packaging, gift baskets and even special menus on occasions like Navratri. While this personalization may be difficult to integrate for other food brands, it gives these Indian brands a competitive edge.

Next, keep your discounts and offers simple and straightforward. Large and bold posts can be repetitive, but it works. If you have tighter budgets, as we know most businesses have suffered during the pandemic, try targeting a smaller audience clan and have a big impact on them. Knowing where your (focused) customers are and spending wisely on customer acquisition is another way to use budgets effectively. Customers are generally looking for variety and offers made easier by multi-brand stores. In order to break down the clutter among different brands in the same category, businesses need to shift spending towards visibility and engagement in retail and online sales rather than big money in celebrities. , TV channels and print advertisements.

Remember, this year’s holiday season presents a particularly good chance for businesses to recover from the loss they suffered during the pandemic. But companies must also, alongside old tried and tested methods, introduce new strategies to capture customers.
Delivering a holistic omnichannel experience with a special focus on targeting through digital platforms is the way forward for brands. Coherent and genuine engagement is the key which is only possible through social media and other online channels as people are glued to their phones in this post-pandemic world. With a 50-70% increase in Internet use, brands are expected to make a strategic appearance and presence online. SMS and email marketing, push notifications, social media campaigns, video campaigns are all basic requirements for a brand today when it reaches its customers digitally, but the appeal to innovative ways like voice marketing, gamification, influencer marketing, and nostalgic marketing can be great. Your brand differentiators when you compete with thousands of other businesses chasing the same set of customers as you.

The crowded holiday season is one of the best opportunities for your business to not only make big bucks but also leave an everlasting impression on your customers’ minds. Using it wisely can keep you in their consideration until the end of time.

The author is an MD at Apppl Combine. The opinions expressed are personal.

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