How Newsletter Sponsorships Can Maximize Your Marketing

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You want to maximize your marketing efforts and be where viewers are as a business. But very few use the sponsored newsletter to develop their prospects. Newsletter sponsorships can transform your marketing strategy, allowing your business to reach millions of customers. Add newsletter sponsorships to your marketing arsenal to increase conversion rates for your campaigns. These ads are already in front of qualified prospects interested in your product or service.

What is newsletter sponsorship?

Newsletter sponsorships are paid advertisements positioned in existing, high-performing newsletters or email lists. This branch of email marketing allows you to reach out to dedicated audiences who trust the source and are more likely to trust specifically sponsored content.

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In marketing, there is a big difference between sponsorship and advertising. Sponsorship allows you to stand out from other advertisers and find customers in an often overlooked market. Connecting to verified email newsletters can improve your marketing strategy by reaching millions of qualified candidates in a single newsletter or referral. This exclusive distribution of your content allows you to share unique content that would not be displayed anywhere else.

Social Media Ads vs Sponsored Newsletter

Social media ads give you access to billions of users, with specific targeting options from location, interests, purchase history and more. Yet 70% of businesses fail with ads due to new hurdles such as IOS14 update, ad blockers and many more. It’s getting harder and more expensive than ever to run social media campaigns.

Newsletter sponsorship will fill the gap where social media ads fall short. They are more personalized, trustworthy, relevant, and targeted to audiences already interested in a similar niche. Moreover, launching a newsletter campaign can help you reach millions of targeted users with just one click.

Simple steps to find a sponsor in a newsletter

There are different ways to find newsletters that accept sponsored content, but websites like Paved and Sponsorgap are finding sponsored content newsletters more accessible than ever. It’s as easy as signing up for one of the marketplaces, choosing your target niche, and setting your budget. Both markets have access to thousands of newsletters ready to accept sponsored content, with a budget as low as $200.

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Another way is to search for “newsletter sponsorship” and your niche. You will find starting points to help you increase the success of your business. But remember that not all newsletters are worth sponsoring. So be careful to select those that offer a good flow of leads and an acceptable ROI.

What is the reasonable cost of a newsletter sponsorship campaign?

The cost of a newsletter sponsorship will depend on various factors, such as the type of newsletter and the number of subscribers. There are two ways to set the price of a campaign, flat rate and CPM (cost per thousand subscribers).

Fixed expenses : The price depends on the number of newsletter subscribers and the CTR. Generally, a plan is used by websites that do not have many subscribers, usually between 100,000 and 1 million. Depending on these numbers and the target audience, your email campaign could cost you between $1,500 and $5,000.

CPM: The CPM of an ad indicates how much it costs you to reach 1,000 newsletter subscribers. This can be calculated as follows:

CPM: (Ad cost in sending emails / Number of email subscribers) x 1,000

Newsletter referral offers usually come with a CPM price, and you should expect to pay $10 to $60 CPM.

How to Write a Sponsorship Ad in a Profitable Newsletter

A good newsletter sponsorship ad needs a title, description, and call to action.

Big title: Good headlines include a statement of purpose, a question the reader needs to answer, or an affirmation that resonates with readers. Your headline should not just promote your product or service. He must tell the reader how he will solve his problem. To do this, you want to think about the final solution. Consider a title such as “How to meditate comfortably”, which is probably more effective than “the meditation app”.

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Text: Use emotional triggers to grab readers’ attention. This text must match the product. For example, suppose you are a food delivery application. In this case, phrases such as “We always offer free food delivery” are likely to evoke an emotional response that will inspire someone to take the next step when trying or buying.

Call to action: Brands can increase conversions and improve their marketing strategy by focusing on verbal phrases that convince people to take action. Avoid CTAs such as “Buy now” or “Sign up here”. More effective phrases such as “Meditate now” can also serve as interesting conversation pieces for readers.

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