How technology is changing the norms of modern marketing

Why should you completely switch to internet technology and digital marketing? & The answer is no; you should not. However, there is no harm in expansion.


Technology is becoming a big part of our lives!

They make us more responsible, more sustainable and our life much easier.

Although it also makes us a bit lazy, we can’t complain!

Because now a world without technology is not worth living!


There, we said it!

You might not be able to live your life without the bare minimum of technology.

Now, this is proving to be of great help to anyone who spends their time in digital marketing.

With the help of technology, you can see marketers changing most of their traditional marketing standards and moving to modern marketing standards.

For example, rather than doing offline PR, many marketers have completely shifted to online PR and endorsement during the pandemic.

Some even use Torrent websites like pirate bay to get information about customer choices.

Now you must ask!

Why should you completely switch to internet technology and digital marketing? & The answer is no; you should not.

However, there is no harm in expansion.

Why this technological expansion is so crucial

Offline marketing does not exist, at least not anymore!

You will still find that offline marketing primarily reaches local customers. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but why wouldn’t there be other areas where you should capture.

After all, stagnating your business isn’t your only plan, is it?

– With technology and the internet, you will have a store that is open 24/7.

– There is no one to stop you; if you ever decide to cross international borders with today’s navigation technology, it’s not an impossible idea.

– Technology can help you understand engagement rate.

– It can help you reach your target audience faster.

– They will also help you decide if your digital marketing strategies are working properly.

How technology is changing the norms of modern marketing

Here are some of the ways you could change your marketing standards as well.

Follow the experts!

1. Online survey

No more offline surveys!

Not only are they tedious and time-consuming, but the precise documentation process is also a nuisance.

However, with the help of online surveys, you can not only reach a large audience base, but also calculate results automatically.

We all know how important feedback can be, and technology is helping that cause tremendously.

2. Constant Connectivity

You can have an offline store, but how long can you keep it open?

Not 24/7, I guess!

It’s one of the reasons you need an online store, and technology can be a huge help.

With an online store, you will be able to cater to all your customers without any restrictions of time and geographical boundaries.

If there’s one thing modern technology is changing exponentially in the marketing industry, it’s its potential for growth.

3. Exclusive personalized campaigns

With technologies, you now have email marketing and social media marketing!

Yes, you are addressing the masses, but to attract your target audience, you will need personalized campaigns.

Yes, technology can not only allow you to personalize these messages, but also to organize them properly and present them to your target audience.

4. Chatbots and AI

Chatbots and AI play a big role in entertaining your customers, even when you can’t.

It is not possible for someone to sit in front of a computer screen 24/7 and answer questions.

And then the engagement!

You will have chatbots for them, and they will also record conversations for further analysis.

5. Data Analysis

Yes, we use technology for many marketing campaigns!

But how do we know these campaigns are working?

That they actually generate sales and attract potential customers?

For this, marketers rely on data analytics. A personalized digital audit brings together the information gathered from the engagement rate and creates data marking your growth potential.

Happy marketing!

Technology is the essence of modern marketing!

I am not saying that we should forget the human contact.

However, you need to incorporate the human touch into the technology and work with it simultaneously.

Only then can you be called a pro!

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