How to Enable Dark Mode on All Websites in Google Chrome [Guide]

Chances are you already regularly use dark mode on your Android, iPhone, or PC device to protect your eyes from bright white lights that can cause insomnia and eye strain, but what about dark mode on all websites? that you can visit using your favorite web browser?

That said, in this step-by-step guide, we’ll see how you can enable dark mode on all Google Chrome websites using a free Chrome extension called Dark Reader:

Step 1: Open Google Chrome on your laptop or PC, then go to the Chrome web store:

2nd step: In the Chrome web store, use the search bar to search for a browser extension called as dark drive and install it.


Step 3: Once installed, click the Puzzle icon located in the upper right corner of the chrome window, select Dark Reader. This opens the Dark Reader menu.


Step 4: Now once you have opened the user interface of the extension, click on the button that says and you will see that any website you have opened will instantly go dark. Additionally, you can use any slider in the Dark Reader menu to control Dark Mode Intensity, Grayscale, Contrast, and Brightness to your preference.


This is pretty much how you can enable dark mode on any Google Chrome website and protect your eyes from bright white light, especially in dark environments.

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