How to stay in front of your audience


Nadia Qureshi, Marketing Director at Sheraton Interiors, gives some tips on how to formulate an effective marketing strategy

In these difficult times, it is more important than ever to stay in front of our target audience and luckily nowadays there are many forms of marketing available, from traditional marketing to online marketing, which allows us to do just that.

Here are our top tips for an effective marketing strategy …

• Have a strong online presence
Almost everyone sees Google as a news source these days, so whether it’s social media or your website, keep it updated and keep your presence strong.

• Create partnerships
Look for opportunities to partner with bigger brands or even a local business to build brand awareness.

• Sponsor local events
Getting known within your local community is the best way to be recognized and even gives you the opportunity to introduce yourself and speak face to face with your target market.

• Email advertising

Don’t forget about the good old-fashioned email marketing. There are now many types of software that make it easy to send targeted email campaigns like Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, etc. Take the opportunity to walk into people’s inboxes and show them what you are.

• Comments
Reviews from people who have tried and tested your service are like gold dust. They are of great value to someone who is considering giving their money back to your business.

• And above all, stay consistent
Marketing is not effective if you just try. You have to be prepared to be in it for the long haul. Create a marketing strategy, find out what works for you and your business, and stick to it.


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