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Adam Mosseri, Head of Instagram announcement Today, the company started testing a new feature this week called “Take a Break” that will allow users to remember to take a break from using the app after 10, 20, or 30 minutes, depending on their needs. preferences. As a sign-up feature, however, reminders can have a limited impact as users should be motivated to set up the new control for themselves.

The company previously said it was investigating “Take a break” recalls. Mosseri, for example, mentioned the upcoming addition when comment on Instagram’s plans to put its plans on hold to create a version of its younger user service, Instagram for Kids. He referred to Instagram’s plans to incorporate “nudges” and “reminders”, like “Take a break,” as an example of how Instagram was solving issues related to its product’s impact on health. mental users.

Meta (formerly Facebook) global security chief Antigone Davis also referred to Instagram’s “Take a Break” reminders when the company was toast in Senate hearing on adolescent mental health in September. He said the idea for the feature was to encourage users to stop looking at the app after browsing for too long, and cited it as one of the many ways the company is working to improve experiences. of young people using its platform.

But like Instagram’s experience of removing likes from posts, which it also ultimately decided to create an activation feature, these new “pause” reminders likely won’t. no impact on the use of the platform as they are not the default experience. Additionally, it’s unclear whether users will embrace the feature given that iOS and Android’s built-in screen time controls already allow device owners to set limits on the time spent in stores. mobile applications on an individual basis or by category, such as “social”.

Instagram, in other words, seems to want credit for building mental health features without going so far as to make universal changes that would impact the use of its app.

This isn’t the first time Instagram has made such a hit. In 2018, Instagram rolled out a “You’re All Trapped” notice that popped up when you reached the end of all new content for the past two days on your Instagram feed. But last year, Instagram regressed and decided to use the space under the ‘You’re all trapped’ notice to push suggested posts and ads to maintain user engagement even after reached a stopping point.

If Instagram was serious about mental health, it could designate a time to show users a reminder in its app, and so offer controls that would allow users to turn it off or adjust the duration. Its competitor TikTok is already doing this by inserting videos into users’ For You feeds that suggest it’s time to take a break after the user has scrolled for too long. TikTok also relies on influencers with millions of followers to issue these warnings, which can be more effective than just a pop-up notification.

Mosseri says the new “Take a break” reminders are rolling out this week as a test with a limited number of users, for now, but the company plans to roll out the feature publicly in the coming months.

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