Instagram: why it’s the best social media platform for marketing

Without social media platforms, most small start-ups might not get out of the starting blocks. Traditional marketing methods come at a high price, involve a lot of human capital, and take a lot of time and planning. Technology has enabled the birth of a whole new era of marketing, a real gift for any brand looking to grow and ensure healthy business results. Not only do you save time and money, but marketing through these networking platforms means that you communicate with customers and most importantly, that they can provide you with instant feedback, whether in the form of a thank you. , recommendations or inquiries.

Instagram is unequivocally a leader in this area and has been for some time. Over a billion people use Instagram every month, on average 30 minutes a day. Additionally, 81% of this huge group are looking for products and services, half of which visit retail websites. Therefore, it won’t surprise you that over 200 million businesses have opened an Instagram account and if they haven’t, here are some other reasons why you really should.

• A large audience

Instagram is mainly used by millennials, but its popularity is growing among other generations as well. If your target audience falls within these age groups, you should have no problem using Instagram to gain more followers and increase brand awareness. Not all businesses target millennials, however, so if you think your business could use more Instagram followers, you can use the services of a growth marketing agency such as Growthoid. This will surely result in getting more customers fast.
Remember that on Instagram, you have access to 1 billion people around the world. Add to that the ability to serve customers outside of your hometown, thanks to the large shipping industry and the ability to meet your customer online, it is truly realistic for many brands now to launch their net a lot. wider than ever. Now you are fishing in the ocean and no longer limit yourself to a small local pond. It should be an exciting achievement.

• Visual marketing
Instagram’s service encourages focusing on visuals as they evoke feelings that inspire and motivate. An image can often be interpreted faster than it would take to read a long copy explaining the same thing. More and more, what you want to share needs to be done taking into account people’s busy lives and limited time. Whether it’s a video, image, or set of images, as a collective they should adequately represent your set of core principles regarding brand uniformity. Regular, diverse and engaging posts scheduled through a content calendar will grab your audience’s attention. Rigid commercial formalities are not applicable.

• Many ways to get involved
Engagement will start naturally on your Instagram account, but the gold is here to win outside your home port. Follow a wide range of people. Include existing customers, new subscribers, industry leaders, competitors, influencers. Watch, learn and, in essence, engage in their accounts as well. Like posts that resonate with your business, comment where you want to draw attention to your brand and draw readers to your profile. What these people and organizations do and say will most likely influence some of your future decisions.

• Ads
Prospective customers can be accessed very effectively by creating and placing ads on Instagram. Their methodology is precise and the resulting insights are credible and can inform your actions. Promote is one of the related services that allows you to turn any of your posts into an ad with the push of a button. For more advanced campaigns, which can be run across multiple platforms, Ads Manager should be your destination of choice. Here, thoughtful formats have been organized for your use and the selection will depend on your goals, which may include more profile visits, website views, or posts. It is not enough to have an Instagram profile. Sincere and well-conducted marketing objectives will allow you to make your presence felt, frequently and positively. Be professional but also transparent, sharing not only information about the problems your product or service solves, but maybe also about the people who work behind the scenes to support those efforts. Followers will be happy to celebrate your successes with you and will also reward your in-depth communication efforts with great ideas.

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