Iowa DOT develops application for virtual identifiers

The state plans to launch a pilot mobile identification program as early as January.

DES MOINES, Iowa – The Iowa Department of Transportation is working to make it a little harder to forget your ID.

DOT plans to roll out a mobile ID app early next year. Users will simply scan their driver’s license and take a selfie to verify their identity in order to get a digital copy of the ID card.

Experts say virtual identifiers could become viable forms of authentication for things like online shopping, air travel, and banking. Law enforcement will also be required to accept virtual driving licenses for roadside checks.

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DOT is currently working to resolve security concerns, but officials believe mobile ID cards may add a layer of protection in the future

“We kind of took our time in this development because the privacy and security of our customers has been at the forefront of our product,” said Andrea Henry, director of communications for Iowa DOT. “We really want to make sure that users have a consistent experience, and as users move from state to state, they’re able to use that driver’s license or that part of it. ‘mobile identity the same, no matter where they go. “

The state plans to launch a pilot program in January.

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